CloudLinux OS Editions Comparison & Pricing

1 server (per server per month) $7 $15 $18
2-4 servers (per server per month) $6 $14 $16
5-49 servers (per server per month) $5 $12 $14
50+ servers (per server per month) $4 $9.9 $13
Buy Now Buy Now Buy Now
Maximum amount of hosting accounts 1 unlimited unlimited
Limits (LVE Manager) no yes yes
Cage FS no yes yes
MySQL Governor no yes yes
Selectors (PHP, Python, Node.js, Ruby) no yes yes
HardenedPHP no yes yes
Apache mod_lsapi PRO no yes yes
SecureLinks no yes yes
Website monitoring tool yes yes yes
Website monitoring alerts yes no no
Slow Site analyzer yes yes yes
PHP X-Ray yes no yes
Centralized Monitoring no no yes
AccelerateWP yes no no
Support 24/7 yes yes yes
Priority support no no yes

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