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LVE Manager, CageFS, Alt-Python-cllib, Alt-mod-passenger, lve-utils and LVE-Stats 2 updated

LVE Manager, CageFS, Alt-Python-cllib, Alt-mod-passenger, lve-utils and LVE-Stats 2 updated

The new updated LVE Manager, CageFS, Alt-Python-cllib, lve-utils, Alt-mod-passenger and LVE-Stats 2 packages are available for download from our production repository.



  • Major improvement: added new LVE Manager interface (SPA) for admin (cPanel, Plesk, DA).
  • LVEMAN-903: removed /etc/init.d/cl-ispsystems file creation from;
  • LVEMAN-1028: fixed handling of exceptions in selectorctl --update-backup;
  • LVEMAN-943: selectorctl does not fail when disk quota exceeded;
  • LVEMAN-1002: added clquota -YC to cron;
  • LVEMAN-992: fixed "ERROR:coercing to Unicode" during installation of sprint-packages on Plesk;
  • LVEMAN-855: implemented locking in cl-quota;
  • LVEMAN-882 cl-quota work correctly on CL7;
  • LVEMAN-990: fixed 'ERROR:Unknown file' while installing CageFS and LVE Manager packages on DirectAdmin with additional admin;
  • LVEMAN-940: added ability to cl-quota to set/view inodes limits for empty resellers packages, fixed cl-packages utility;
  • LVEMAN-613: fixed CLI parameters for selectorctl;
  • LVEMAN-420: added readable message to selectorctl --update-interpreter when user is not defined;
  • LVEMAN-902: fixed appearing of the slash symbol in the title for russian localization in cPanel;
  • LVEMAN-868: fixed cl-quota -YC if UID = 0 has both limits unlimited;
  • LVEMAN-827: [cl-quota] made inheritance of UID=0 inodes limits to users with package limits=0;
  • LVEMAN-821: [cl-quota] set users inodes limits during synchronization correctly if both packages limits are 0;
  • LVEMAN-805: cl-quota -YC sets limits correctly;
  • LVEMAN-799: does not create /etc/cron.d/lvemanager-cron file for all control panels except cPanel;
  • WEB-84: fixed Fatal Error on page Resource Usage Overview in DA;
  • LVEMAN-769: added ability to set unlimited inodes to packages and users;
  • LVEMAN-777: fixed duplicating lines in /etc/cron.d/lvemanager-selector while update of LVE Manager;
  • LVEMAN-755: made inodes parameter in user's settings work correctly;
  • LVEMAN-732: does not install cPanel cron job on Plesk;
  • LVEMAN-692: fixed 'Select PHP version' translation;
  • LVEMAN-689: fixed incorrect makeup on resource usage detail page;
  • LVEMAN-715, LVEMAN-662: fixed broken page layout on PHP Selector Extensions page in paper_lantern theme in cPanel 11.54;
  • LVEMAN-578: restoring PHP Selector settings during account migration from one server to another in Plesk;
  • LVEMAN-642: implemented Plesk localization for LVE Manager according to common localization;
  • LVEMAN-640: implemented DirectAdmin localization according to common localization;
  • LVEMAN-637: added localization support to LVE Manager for Plesk and DirectAdmin;
  • LVEMAN-658: translated all untranslated phrases for LVE Manager;
  • LVEMAN-672: made arrows visible to choose snapshot, fixed images path in *.min.css files;
  • LVEMAN-618: made correct notifications for IO and IOPS usage in Resourse Usage overview when lve-stats1 is used (Plesk);
  • LVEMAN-183: added IOPS support to the LVE8 Manager for Plesk;
  • LVEMAN-238: translatable LVE Manager for DirectAdmin;
  • LVEMAN-562: fixed DA PHP Selector interface for Safari browser;
  • LVEMAN-502: fixed hooks installation scripts to use alt-python27-cllib;
  • LVEMAN-484: added cronjob to restore LVE Manager after cPanel update (when needed);
  • LVEMAN-464: made LVE Manager work on to alt-python2.7 instead of system Python;
  • WEB-369: made numbers in packages and users human readable;
  • WEB-366: fixed cursor behavior during fields editing in cPanel users\packages tab;
  • WEB-357: Auto-Update timer stops on pending network request;
  • WEB-368: displaying Inodes column in Packages tab in cPanel;
  • WEB-354: handling Internal server error as a respond for a web request;
  • WEB-350: does not show selector content if selector unavailable;
  • WEB-349: fixed sorting problem in DirectAdmin;
  • WEB-314: styles improvements for SPA;
  • WEB-348: added tooltips for SPA;
  • WEB-356: made memory and IO usage in History and Statistics tabs human readable;
  • WEB-363: fixed an error with editing package without provider;
  • WEB-345: implemented handling of name_modifier parameter in LVE Manager Selector tab;
  • LVEMAN-1067: fixed an issue with missing file "/etc/cron.d/lvemanager-selector" after clean installation;
  • LVEMAN-1051: implemented PHP Selector without CageFS (for single account on a server);
  • LVEMAN-1002: added clquota -YC to cron (part 2);
  • LVEMAN-1054: fix for inodes usage  in cPanel stats bar and in Current Usage in user interface;
  • CAG-537: added --apply-global-php-ini option;
  • WEB-415: added protection of CSRF Attack vulnerability for spa lvemanager;
  • WEB-380: added conversion for I/O and MySQL I/O in Current Usage;
  • WEB-399: temporary disabled LVE Faults Email Notifications on DirectAdmin and Plesk;
  • WEB-389: must save only changed users limits (speed/inodes/ep/etc);
  • WEB-419: fixed an issue when didn't show limits in History;
  • WEB-373: fix for Governor options in Options tab;
  • WEB-395: handling of end of panel session;
  • WEB-402: fixed bread crumbs in SPA;
  • WEB-352: implemented sentry to lvemanager spa;
  • WEB-386: fixed user editing bugs;
  • WEB-393: fixed vulnerability in PHP selector webUI;
  • WEB-390: fixed Domain radiobutton behavior on Current Usage tab;
  • WEB-382: does not show VMEM column if it is empty;
  • WEB-387: added loader on options page;
  • WEB-404: improved validation in lve-manager/users;
  • WEB-336: added two checkboxes in Package;
  • WEB-376: using promises;
  • WEB-377: fixed small problems before Webinar;
  • WEB-304: added starting loader to cPanel as it is done in direct admin;
  • WEB-384: fix for [-] button for user in Users tab in Edit mode;
  • WEB-370: fixed loader bug in MS Edge;
  • WEB-443: restored "Save" button in settings on cPanel;
  • WEB-391: added possibility to manage unit of CPU value via SPA plugin;
  • WEB-448: displaying IO in history;
  • WEB-441: fixed Loader when pressing Save button in Users tab;
  • LVEMAN-1002: added clquota -YC to cron;
  • WEB-362: implemented "Install Imunify 360" button in LVE Manager settings;
  • LVEMAN-1054: fix for inodes usage in cPanel stats bar and in Current Usage in user interface;
  • LVEMAN-1051: implemented PHP Selector without CageFS (for single account on a server);
  • WEB-468: Gerrit trigger;
  • WEB-464: inserting static data into RPM packages, created by build system;
  • WEB-465: showing the biggest format of all IO in lvemanager;
  • WEB-466: handling logout error in cPanel;
  • WEB-419: fixed an issue when didn't show limits in History;
  • WEB-384: fix for [-] button for user in Users tab in Edit mode;
  • WEB-438: fixed view of SPA plugin on cPanel EDGE to allow user's read alerts;
  • WEB-406: displaying tooltips built-in svg-graphics correctly;
  • WEB-485: fixed an issue when SPA plugin failed after update to cPanel EDGE;
  • WEB-440: implemented placeholder on Options tab for DirectAdmin and Plesk when no Governor in the system;
  • WEB-362: implemented "Install Imunify 360" button in LVE Manager settings;
  • WEB-488: fixed position for Unrestrict button, message and page reloading in Current usage tab;
  • WEB-489: showing tooltip in "Current Usage" tab if radio-button "Domain" selected;
  • WEB-484: fixed an issue when did not show MySQL statistics on statistics tab if MySQL was not selected for showing.



  • CAG-631: displaying warning when MySQL socket is located in /tmp directory;
  • LVEMAN-943: fixed selectorctl fail when disk quota exceeded;
  • CAG-624: updated EULA;
  • CAG-449: does not add additional admins from DirectAdmin to CageFS;
  • CAG-516: does not install old version of CageFS plugin on ISPManager v5;
  • CAG-417: added ability to unmount directories inside LVE/namespace without destroying the LVEs;
  • CAG-425: made /dev/log fully functional in CageFS;
  • CAG-428: fixed cagefsctl --create-virt-mp fails on alt-python27-cllib;
  • CAG-413: fixed hooks installation scripts to use alt-python27-cllib;
  • CAG-340: made clamav and suhosin work in CageFS;
  • CAG-394: created Python binding for RPM library;
  • CAG-385: move CageFS to alt-python27;
  • CAG-664: fixed error while executing cagefsctl --force-update on DirectAdmin;
  • CAG-537: added --apply-global-php-ini option;
  • CAG-614: removed unneeded mount points from while uninstalling alt-php;
  • CAG-676:  made CageFS plugin functional on cPanel EDGE 63.9999;
  • CAG-683: added /var/cpanel/php/sessions/ea-php* mounts to



  • LU-313: added profiling to cloudlinux-limits and optimized it;
  • LVEMAN-943: selectorctl does not fail when disk quota exceeded;
  • LU-278: fix for viewing additional admin resellers' packages in DA;
  • PTCLLIB-73: httpd24-alt-mod-passenger is registered in when installed.
  • PTCLLIB-71: allows config files without values;
  • PTCLLIB-69: passed variables into custom exceptions;
  • LU-228: added dbctl support to cloudlinux-limits;
  • LU-204: extended cloudlinux-limits response for error messages with dynamic components;
  • PTCLLIB-66: added permission to /etc/sudoers to run /usr/share/l.v.e-manager/utils/;
  • PTCLLIB-61: added ability to get username/UID by domain name in cPanel;
  • PTCLLIB-59: added ability to get username/UID by domain name on DA;
  • PTCLLIB-60: added ability to get username/UID by domain name on Plesk;
  • PTCLLIB-56: added methods for setting Governor parameters;
  • PTCLLIB-29: add API for getting domains data for DirectAdmin.
  • LU-172: added LVE version 9 handling;
  • PTCCLLIB-46: improved 'with_system_users' parameter in clcpapi functions, added unit tests;
  • PTCLLIB-80: correct parsing of /root/.my.cnf when "quick" option is present in that file;
  • LVES-645: added new feature “reseller_users” to CPAPI to obtain reseller’s users list;
  • LVES-677: made StatsNotifier workable on Plesk;
  • LVEMAN-1075: removed files for old lve-stats1; added conflict with lve-stats1;
  • LVES-678: made StatsNotifier workable on DirectAdmin;
  • PTCLLIB-86: fixed TypeError when trying to get user domains on DirectAdmin;
  • LU-364: few MySQL Governor API calls now returns 0 on success;
  • PTCLLIB-83: plugin detection results now cached only for third-party plugins Replace dangerous exec() with import_module() for plugin loading;
  • PTCLLIB-85: fixed ValueError when retrieving user IO limit and it is less than 1mb/s.



  • LU-319: cloudlinux-limits: --default and --unlimited options work correctly when disk quota is disabled;
  • LU-340: allows to save speed limits without %;
  • LU-337: fixed error with wrong encoding in package name;
  • LU-327: fix for cloudlinux-limits set --save-all-parameters;
  • LU-330: cloudlinux-packages utility shows Inodes for the default package;
  • LU-326: added --human-readable-numbers option to cloudlinux-packages;
  • LU-325: added --human-readable-numbers option to cloudlinux-limits;
  • LU-258: implemented detection of Atomia CP;
  • LU-324: fixed slow work of lvectl paneluserslimits;
  • LU-316: fixed speed limit output in lvectl;
  • LU-321: returning user's limits that have been changed marked with asterisk;
  • LU-320: added default package to lvemanager packages tab via web interface;
  • LU-310: implement disabling of PHP Selector for Plesk incloudlinux-selector;
  • LU-318: fixed inodes limits output in cl-packages;
  • LU-317: cloudlinux-selector --version native fixed.
  • LU-314: fixed cloudlinux-config UI Settings functioning on new servers;
  • LU-312: fixed incorrect speed limit displaying for packages after reset to default value;
  • LU-309: fixed issues with cloudlinux-selector set --default-version native and --selector-status "dummy input";
  • LU-311: checking for cagefs in cloudlinux-selector utility;
  • LVEMAN-1035: fixed an error when selectorctl fell with traceback instead of JSON with error message;
  • LU-313: added profiling to cloudlinux-limits and optimized it;
  • LU-308: checking license in all cloudlinux-* utilities;
  • LU-303: implemented PHP Selector configuration editing via CLI;
  • LU-248: Implemented PHP selector’s configuration view via CLI;
  • LU-305: added coverage of the lvectl list and lvectl limits lve_id commands for test-suite lvectl_resellers_test.robot;
  • LU-290: no additional admins are present in the Settings tab of LVE Manager on DA panel;
  • LU-300: fixed error when calling lvectl all-user-list, if users list is empty;
  • LU-150: editing LVE manager settings via CLI;
  • LU-293: fix for cloudlinux-packages set with --provider root;
  • LU-174: setting individual limits to default via cloudlinux-limits;
  • LU-282: fixed lvectl package-delete to work correctly for resellers packages;
  • LU-285: fixed a typo in the output of /usr/bin/getcontrolpaneluserspackages --help.
  • LU-151: implemented LVE manager settings view via CLI;
  • LU-278: fix for viewing additional admin resellers' packages in DA;
  • LU-277: enabled setting CloudLinux license via CLI utility cloudlinux-license;
  • LU-216: enabled editing package limits via CLI;
  • LU-275: fix for getcontrolpaneluserspackages --package= in Plesk;
  • LU-268: fixed cloudlinux-limits CLI issues;
  • LU-265: fixed lvectl apply all - now uses resellers package limits for users;
  • LU-208: added functionality for MySQL Governor to cloudlinux-config;
  • LU-273: implemented migration script for reseller packages in ve.cfg;
  • LU-267: made lvectl backward compatible regarding reseller packages processing, added backward compatibility and support for version 2 ve.cfg, added backward compatibility  for lvectl paneluserslimits.
  • LU-174: setting individual limits to default via cloudlinux-limits;
  • LU-260: fixed cloudlinux-limits --limits output.
  • LU-254: fixed /usr/bin/getcontrolpaneluserspackages --list-users and --list-all;
  • LU-262: cldetect --update-license works correctly when lve-stats package is not installed;
  • LU-259: added opportunity to get CloudLinux license status via cloudlinux-license CLI utility;
  • LU-215: view package configuration via CLI;
  • LU-253: fixed getcontrolpanelusers to show all packages;
  • LU-249: added --reseller option handling to lvectl package-delete command;
  • LU-213: printing correct process status in cloudlinux-limits;
  • LVEMAN-881: improved CloudLinux.cgi and lvectl encodings support;
  • LU-223: improved processing of reseller packages in cPanel;
  • LU-230: added lvectl all-package-list option;
  • LU-242: fixed issues with reseller handling and its customers on Plesk panel;
  • LU-243: fixed package management on Plesk panel;
  • LU-241: made cloudlinux-limits output valid if username or domain is absent;
  • LU-228: added dbctl support to cloudlinux-limits;
  • LU-225: fixed cloudlinux-limits behaviour without --json option;
  • LU-204: extended cloudlinux-limits response for error messages with dynamic components;
  • LU-231: cloudlinux-limits does not return inodes in JSON is they are not supported by cl-quota;
  • LU-214: lvectl processes reseller packages in DirectAdmin;
  • LU-220: lvectl processes reseller packages in Plesk correctly;
  • LU-173: sets individual limits to default via lvectl;
  • LU-206: made cllimits/lib/ not readable by users;
  • LU-202: cloudlinux-limits --get: process speed fixed;
  • LU-190: implemented lvectl_lib methods for --unlimited and --reset keys in cloudlinux-limits;
  • LU-174: set individual limits to default via cloudlinux-limits;
  • LU-197: fixed error while restarting lvectl service;
  • LU-164: added ability to edit user's limits via CLI to lvectl_lib;
  • LU-167: mysql_governor_lib improvement (edit user’s limits via CLI);
  • LU-190: implemented lvectl_lib methods for --unlimited and --reset keys in cloudlinux-limits;
  • LU-174: set individual limits to default via cloudlinux-limits;
  • LU-166: clquota_lib improvement (edit user’s limits via CLI);
  • LU-165: added CageFS operations to cloudlinux-limits utility;
  • LU-168: cloudlinux-limits improvement (edit user limits via CLI);
  • LU-172: added LVE version 9 handling;
  • LU-171: moved cllimits/ from lve-utils to Python-cllib;
  • LU-149: allows to view users limits via CLI;
  • LU-139: fixed compatibility issue with lve-stats1, removed unnecessary files.
  • LU-133: moved lve-utils to alt-python27;
  • LU-380: fixed traceback when trying to set speed limit bigger than machine's maximum limit without "%" sign;
  • LU-374: fixed behavior of "cloudlinux-limits" when reset limits to package default. Part II;
  • LU-336: --save-all-parameters option of lvectl correctly processed speed limits;
  • LU-374: fixed behavior of "cloudlinux-limits" when resetting limits to package default;
  • LU-376: fixed traceback in 'cloudlinux-selector --json set --selector-status=disabled/enabled' on Plesk;
  • LU-373: fixed behavior for keys `--get-user-reseller`, `--userid`, etc. in getcontrolpaneluserspackages;
  • LU-366: fixed /usr/sbin/processpaneluserspackages traceback;
  • LU-363: added ability to cl-packages to pass package name as string of codes;
  • LU-364: accumulate ret_codes during cllimits set; fixed trace when MySQL Governor is not installed;
  • LU-360: created the key `--get-user-reseller` for getcontrolpaneluserspackages script for DirectAdmin and Plesk;
  • LU-343: "cloudlinux-limits set" command returns new limits as JSON;
  • LU-367: fixed cloudlinux-limits traceback if user's package contains quotas;
  • LU-198: made save_xml() atomic (used tmp file + os.rename - implemented locking while processing ve.cfg file);
  • LU-340: allows to save speed limits without % (part 2);
  • LU-128: rewritten /usr/sbin/processpaneluserspackages from Perl to Python;
  • LU-351: fixed error during saving new limits for package with non-ascii characters;
  • LU-359: fixed cloudlinux-config hangs during MySQL Governer configuration;
  • LU-356: hidden "Select PHP version" icon in cPanel UI when selector is disabled;
  • LU-348: fixed an issue when LVE Manager -> Packages failed on DirectAdmin and Plesk;
  • LU-336: --save-all-parameters option of lvectl processes speed limits correctly;
  • LU-279: fixed an issue when lveps did not work due to CPU frequency in /proc/cpuinfo = 0;
  • LVEMAN-1072: fixed behavior of Reset button for inodes limits in Options;
  • LU-389: improved performance of cloudlinux-limis get --json.





  • ALMODP-75: updated passenger up to version 5;
  • ALMODP-67: rebuilt ea-apache24-alt-mod-passenger as ea-apache24-mod-alt-passenger;
  • fixed permissions of PassengerInstanceRegistryDir to 755;
  • tuned symlinks to point to proper Passenger version;
  • installing Passenger into separate version folders;
  • restart Passenger (via httpd) to reload fresh liblve;
  • check configs to migrate from 4.x to 5.x Passenger;
  • new passenger version 5.0.30;
  • fixed a bug with usage of have_ functions to build native libs;
  • improved checking of the building passenger native libs;
  • fixed downgrade to 4.0.58 breaking httpd config;
  • fixed installation script for non-panel servers;
  • using pre-built ruby native support library for all CloudLinux alt-ruby versions.


Release notes:

  • Improved snapshots - making snapshots of the processes right after a fault occurs.
  • Added LiteSpeed support for making http-snapshots.
  • Improved usability of database statistics output (lveinfo --dbgov), added ability to group data by period of time (option --time-unit, more detailed - lveinfo --dbgov --help).
  • Added visualization for the faults cases into the graphs.

  • Implemented automatic info collection during the faults. (Sentry
  • Added console utilities - cloudlinux-top and cloudlinux-statistics - for data extraction in json format.
  • Fixed incorrect filtering of users notifications.
  • Fixed SnapshotSaver plugin crash when requested URL is longer than 125 characters while running with LiteSpeed.
  • Fixed LVE-Stats service crash when installing CloudLinux ISO image.
  • Various bugs fixed.

Note. LiteSpeed is detected automatically. To know which web server is used check the log:

cat /var/log/lve-stats.log | grep "webserver will be used now" | tail -n1

2017-01-24 06:16:49,883: (SnapshotSaver) [INFO] apache webserver will be used now to obtain data

To force the use of one of the servers, edit the config and restart service (service lvestats restart): /etc/sysconfig/lvestats.config/SnapshotSaver.cfg

# Enable or disable data obtain from litespeed, default is "auto"

# On|on|1 - force use litespeed; Off|off|0 - force use apache; auto - autodetect

# litespeed=auto


  • LVES-613: does not save empty snapshots;
  • LVES-518: added ability to create http-snapshots from LiteSpeed directly;
  • LVES-602: improved display when excess of limits on the charts;
  • LVES-579: added --time-unit support for lveinfo --dbgov
  • LVES-605: fixed traceback in cloudlinux-top when Governor is installed, but not running;
  • LVES-559: added support detection ignore mode for particular user in dbgovernor;
  • LVES-569: corrected handling of symbolic links with the wrong plugins;
  • LVES-560: fixed a bug that prevented the server start after update from production on CL7;
  • LVES-522: if --user / --id is not present in lveinfo, then --dbgov returns aggregated data by user;
  • LVES-593: added option to lve-create-db to create missing tables;
  • LVES-591: fixed an error when lve-stats erased;
  • LVES-576: fixed possible misconfiguration if CPU speed is reported as 0 with /proc/cpuinfo;
  • LVES-520: enabled server statistics view via CLI;
  • LVES-581: fixed a bug with sending emails to reseller when all of the users have less then threshold faults;
  • LVES-473: extended the response of cloudlinux-top for error messages with dynamic components;
  • LVES-361: removed LD_LIBRARY_PATH from the code;
  • LVES-612: fixed division by zero in lvechart;
  • LVES-597: LVE CPU and MySQL CPU use the same units of measurement in the cloudlinux-top result;
  • LVES-582: added the ability of display information for a single user in cloudlinux-statistics;
  • LVES-600: changed single quotes for double quotes in response cl-statistics;
  • LVES-586: fixed AttributeError: 'module' object has no attribute 'etree' in lvechart;
  • LVES-555: integrated sentry to lve-stats;
  • LVES-609: added Test Anything Protocol support to lve-stats-tests;
  • LVES-628: fixed traceback in SPA statistics for Average MySQL IO;
  • LVES-636: fixed error with system user in cloudlinux-statistics;
  • LVES-620: taking info for cloudlinux-top from dbtop -c;
  • LVES-655: fixed NOTIFY_MIN_FAULTS_USER property;
  • LVES-653: fixed SnapshotSaver crash to create URL snapshot more than 125 characters in litespeed;
  • LVES-632: fixed “OperationalError no such column: history.iops” when installing from ISO;
  • LVES-669: fixed TypeError when trying to get user domains on DA;
  • LVES-692: fixed encoding error when saving snapshot;
  • LVES-681: removed order-by fields aliases from cloudlinux-statistics help;
  • LVES-631: fixed error of creating PNG graphs on CL7;
  • LVES-665: fixed ValueError when retrieving limits from dbgov config;
  • LVES-673: fix for cloudlinux-statistics by-usage mysql_cpu\mysql_io;
  • LVES-633: added ability to filter by mysql usage in cloudlinux-statistics;
  • LVES-680: fixed crash StatsNotifier if incorrect import MySQLdb;
  • LVES-679: preventing StatsNotifier crash if receive admins email not supported;
  • LVES-641: fix for cloudlinux-statistics --order-by;
  • LVES-652: every time show mysql fields in cloudlinux-statistics if mySqlGov enabled;
  • LVES-667: fixed ValueError when parsing lveps output;
  • LVES-666: fixed OSError when trying to send error to sentry;
  • LVES-663: fixed slow write to /var/lve/cloudlinux_top.json file;
  • LVES-700: fixed "invalid literal for float()" when trying to get LiteSpeed request time in snapshot;
  • LVES-710: fixed IOError when sending message to sentry under user;
  • LVES-701: added old snapshots clear-up;
  • LVES-652: displaying MySQL fields in cloudlinux-statistics when mySqlGov enabled;
  • LVES-676: returning IO values in cloudlinux-top and cloudlinux-statistics in the same units of measurement.

To update run the command:

yum update cagefs lvemanager lve-utils lve-stats
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