Make your WordPress Hosting Standout

Faster, Smarter, More Secure

Get personal assistance for implementation and premium features free of charge by Q2 2023.

For Hosting Providers


Full set of features to optimize and speed up WordPress websites at all levels: server, databases, code and content.


Unique SmartAdvice technology that recommends necessary adjustments to speed up slow websites.


Out of the box, server-wide automated enablement of Object Cache for all websites on the server. Each user gets their own Cache.


Billing integration with WHM Feature Manager. Delivers and manages optimization for each and all users on a server.

For website owners


Increase business performance and the number of visitors each month.


Turn visitors into customers by reducing bounce rates.


Elevate position in searches to increase visibility and traffic.


Enhance customer experience to ensure repeat business and retention.



Static Full-Page Cache

Browser Cache Support

Cache Logged-in Users

Cache Separate Mobile View

Exclude Selected URI’s from Optimization

Pre-caching (built-in crawler)

Global Cache TTL

WordPress Optimization

Database Optimization

Remove Query Strings

Remove Google Fonts

Content Delivery Networks (CDNs)

CDN Mapping

CDN work without add/change DNS records

CSS/JS Optimization

CSS Minify / Combine

Load CSS Asynchronously

JavaScript Minify

JavaScript Combine

Load JavaScript Deferred

Delay JavaScript execution

Images Optimization (coming soon)

WebP Compatibility

Lazy Load Images

Lazy Load iframes



per user/month
Suggested retail price: $3 per user/ month

Object Cache

Object caching (Redis, memcache)


WPML multi-language support

Varnish cache integration

Cloudflare integration

Throw cache through Apache

AccelerateWP Beta Program

CloudLinux is offering the opportunity to become an early adopter and take part in product design by contributing to our feature development and share your feedback. We offer premium AccelerateWP features free of charge (for an unlimited number of users) during the Early Access Program (till Q2 2023).

Hosters can onboard, charge users and build even more competitive WP Hosting plans immediately.

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System Requirements

• CloudLinux OS Shared Pro (6,7,8)
• cPanel
• WordPress version 3.7 and higher
• Required any (ea-, alt-) php 5.6+ version
with loaded redis extension
• PHP handlers: php-fpm or php-lsapi (Apache)
• Apache only


• AccelerateWP module installation.
• Enable AutoTracing.
• Install WordPress plugins (automated by CL Manager)
for websites suggested by SmartAdvice.
• Provide feedback to the CloudLinux product team.
• Authorize CloudLinux to collect feedback from your
end-users (anonymous, unbranded survey only).


• A provisioning API for upselling to your customers.
• Permission to charge your customer
throughout the Beta testing program without
incurring a charge from CloudLinux.
• Listed as an AccelerateWP official provider.
• Online support directly from CloudLinux
product team.

Getting started with AccelerateWP

How to become
a Beta tester


What is AccelerateWP?


Webinar about AccelerateWP Beta program


How to manage SmartAdvice for slow websites


What’s new

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I test AccelerateWP on LiteSpeed server?

We have found that AccelerateWP Site Optimization Module is compatible with Litespeed Web Server. While the Object Cache Module is not currently compatible.
You are more than welcome to test AccelerateWP and enable only the one module (which has a solid amount of value for your users). We will provide an ETA on fixing Object Cache incompatibility soon.

What is the Beta program requirements?

• CloudLinux OS Shared Pro (6,7,8)
• cPanel
• WordPress version 3.7 and higher
• Required any (ea-, alt-) php 5.6+ version with loaded Redis extension
• PHP handlers: php-fpm or php-lsapi (Apache)
• Apache only (LiteSpeed is not supported yet, coming soon)

What is the pricing for AccelerateWP?

The standard version of AccelerateWP (X-Ray Autotracing, SmartAdvice, the Site Optimization Module, etc.) will be included free of charge on all Shared Pro licensed servers.
For AccelerateWP premium (Object Cache Module, Shortcode & Query Caching & more coming soon), we are working hard to assess the current and future value as perceived by site owners. We do know that AccelerateWP premium will be priced per WordPress installation, but only for the users who have been advised to activate and that have chosen to upgrade. Our current estimates show that only around 6% to 8% of websites on our servers will be given advice to upgrade to the premium modules. Therefore, pricing per WordPress installation more accurately aligns with the value for both site owners and CloudLinux customers.

Can I try AccelerateWP on CloudLinux OS Shared?

No, to test AccelerateWP you need upgrade to CloudLinux OS SharedPRO version.