Make your WordPress Hosting Standout

Faster, Smarter, More Secure

What is AccelerateWP?

A WordPress optimization tool – the first of its kind – that was designed specifically for hosting providers to solve key business issues and stand out in a competitive environment.

This out-of-the-box solution helps hosting providers automatically identify and fix slow WordPress sites on a server. This data-driven solution offers diagnostic advice to fix root causes of performance issues, in most cases with a single click.

What It Does For You
Decrease Customer Churn
Reduce performance-related tickets and retain customers by offering prescriptive, automated solutions.
Generate More Revenue
Easily upsell and charge for usage of premium features, which optimizes all users on a server.
Secure the Competitive Advantage
In a highly competitive niche, stand out from the crowd with the most powerful, comprehensive WordPress optimization suite available.
What It Does For Your Customers
Increase Website Load Speed
Enhance user experience with lightning fast load times.
Decrease Bounce Rate
Keep customers on pages longer, increasing the opportunities for retention and conversions.
Fully Automated SmartAdvice
In a highly competitive niche, stand out from the crowd with the most powerful, comprehensive WordPress optimization suite available.
Our Forever-Free Features
Full page caching
Accelerates access to your page’s content and speeds up load times.
Image optimization
Reduces file size without quality degradation, helping the page load faster.
Cache preloading
Stores cached pages through an “imitation visit” so the site is already loading quickly when real visitors access the page.
Server caching
Speeds up access to information that has been previously retrieved.
Browser caching
Once the data is stored, visitors to your website will be able to browse with greater speed.
CDN integration
Increase website load connecting to global “origin” CDN server by caching content close to where each end user is accessing.
How does it work?
AccelerateWP is activated and starts identifying slow websites on a server.
SmartAdvice is generated and notifies the website admin with an automated solution.
Solution is accepted with a click and applied instantly.
Website speeds up immediately.
Hosting provider and customers are happy!
Getting Started with AccelerateWP is easy

Make sure you have a Solo, Admin, or Shared Pro CloudLinux license.

Navigate to AccelerateWP tab in CloudLinux OS Manger interface via WHM.

Enable AccelerateWP, and add it to your hosting plan offering.
While the core features of AccelerateWP will be forever free, we’re working on a premium edition to take performance to even higher levels.
Read more to find out about the benefits of the premium edition and how to become a beta tester.
Static Full-Page Cache
Browser Cache Support
Cache Logged-in Users
Cache Separate Mobile View
Exclude Selected URI’s from Optimization
Pre-caching (built-in crawler)
Global Cache TTL
WordPress Optimization
Database Optimization
Remove Query Strings
Remove Google Fonts
Content Delivery Networks (CDNs)
CDN Mapping
CDN work without add/change DNS records
CSS/JS Optimization
CSS Minify / Combine
Load CSS Asynchronously
JavaScript Minify
JavaScript Combine
Load JavaScript Deferred
Delay JavaScript execution
Images Optimization (coming soon)
WebP Compatibility
Lazy Load Images
Lazy Load iframes
per user/month
Suggested retail price: $3 per user/ month
Object Cache
Object caching (Redis, memcache)
WPML multi-language support
Varnish cache integration
Cloudflare integration
Throw cache through Apache

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I test AccelerateWP on LiteSpeed server?

We have found that AccelerateWP Site Optimization Module is compatible with Litespeed Web Server. While the Object Cache Module is not currently compatible.
You are more than welcome to test AccelerateWP and enable only the one module (which has a solid amount of value for your users). We will provide an ETA on fixing Object Cache incompatibility soon.
Upvote LiteSpeed support feature here to be notified about release.

Which CloudLinux license do I need to get access to AccelerateWP?

AccelerateWP is included with the following CloudLinux OS licenses: Solo, Admin, Shared Pro.

What control panels are compatible with AccelerateWP?

AccelerateWP supports cPanel and Plesk control panels for now. DirectAdmin support will be added soon, upvote this feature here to be notified about its release.