by / Четверг, 20 апреля 2017
KernelCare is now available in ISPmanager Lite

ISPsystem resellers can enable resale of KernelCare directly to their customers

In the beginning of April, ISPsystem has offered KernelCare for purchase directly from their control panel, and now it is also available for users of ISPmanager Lite. ISPmanager Lite provides a rich feature set for...


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by / Понедельник, 23 июля 2012
Beta: LVE Manager 0.5-1 for cPanel, Plesk & ISPmanager
New version of LVE Manager package lvemanager released today to our testing repository. This single package will be used in the future to deploy LVE Manager for ALL control panels that we support. At this moment it can handle cPanel, Plesk & ISPManager.

The new LVE Manager has package (plan)...


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by / Четверг, 30 июня 2016
PHP updated

New updated PHP packages are available from our production repository.



  • fixed bug #65481 (shutdown segfault due to serialize);
  • fixed bug #70219 (Use after free vulnerability in session deserializer) (CVE-2015-6835)



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by / Понедельник, 26 сентября 2016
MySQL and MariaDB for MySQL Governor updated

New updated versions of MySQL and MariaDB for MySQL Governor moved from updates-testing to production repository.


MySQL 5.5.52

MySQL 5.6.33

MariaDB 5.5.52

MariaDB 10.0.27

MariaDB 10.1.17

  • updated up to the latest version.

To update run:

# yum update

or for MariaDB:

yum update...


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