CloudLinux - PHP X-Ray beta-testing

CloudLinux OS+ includes a new performance tracing tool called PHP X-Ray. It provides detailed information on performance bottlenecks in web sites that use CMSes such as WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal.

With PHP X-Ray, you’re no longer forced to diagnose such problems by hand. If a site has any slow plugins, database queries, functions, or external calls, this tool reveals what’s causing them.

This video provides an example of how PHP X-Ray might be used to troubleshoot and fix a CMS performance problem.


Easy to install

Out-of-the-box, supported, problem-focused monitoring solution that not requires implementation and continuous support by engineering teams in the future.


Simpler solution for the teams that don't have enough competences to build it in-house.

Simple detection

Detailed per-user view, integrated with LVE (unlike any available solution).

Free beta

Just login to CLN and click on the PHP X-Ray beta testing banner.




Troubleshooting Performance Problems

PHP X-Ray was developed specifically to troubleshoot performance issues in PHP-based web sites, such as:

  • Slow plugins

  • Slow database queries

  • Slow functions

  • Slow external calls

We want this new tool to be effective right out of the box, as well as trouble-free and easy to use. It will provide a detailed per-user view.

Become A Beta Tester

Login to CLN

To become a beta tester, login to CLN, then click on the PHP X-Ray beta testing banner. NOTE: you'll need CloudLinux OS license ordered directly from CloudLinux to participate in beta testing.

Help Us Test This Tool

By becoming a beta tester, you’ll be able to help shape this new tool to meet your requirements. 

For Running

CloudLinux OS: 6, 6 Hybrid, 7, 7 Hybrid, 8
Any (without analyzing plugin performance), Wordpress (with analyzing plugin performance)
ALT PHP: alt-php54, alt-php55, alt-php56, alt-php70, alt-php71, alt-php72, alt-php73, alt-php74. EA PHP: ea-php54, ea-php55, ea-php56, ea-php70, ea-php71, ea-php72, ea-php73, ea-php74. PHP handlers: lsapi, suphp, cgi, fpm.


Servers Running




Data Center Partners

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