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The only option for all-around proactive web security

The only option for all-around proactive web security

As a hosting provider, you have choices in the security space.

We at CloudLinux know them and we know the hosting market well. Over the years, we’ve met with and spoken to a lot of hosting providers, to understand their needs, and to deliver solutions specifically for them. Naturally, we looked at the other leading security solutions to see how they compared to Imunify360. Here’s what we found.

One license covers all sites on the server

  • If you own a server, you only need one Imunify360 license for all the sites hosted on it. As a hosting provider, you have the freedom to up-sell to site owners or include it as part of their package.
  • Other solutions charge per hosted site, not per server.

No DNS changes

  • A single command installs Imunify360 in minutes. Once done, it’s working, with no additional configuration.
  • Most other solutions won’t work until you’ve re-configured your DNS servers. This often presents problems for end-users who often need technical help from you, their hosting provider.

Blocks malicious scripts before they can start

  • Imunify360’s Proactive Defense feature blocks scripts that pose a threat on their way in, so they can’t even start up. Proactive Defense looks inside PHP scripts to understand what they actually do. If it detects patterns of bad behaviour, the scripts are killed before they can execute. This is a ground-breaking and unique functionality.
  • Other solutions can only detect malicious code after it has passed through the firewall and run. By the time you scan for it, it has already gained a foothold in your web applications and is spreading across neighboring hosted sites. 

Imunify360 also beats competitors by including KernelCare, for automated, rebootless Linux kernel security patching. It keeps your kernels always up to date without needing downtime for maintenance windows. Because Imunify360 was designed exclusively for web servers, it includes our hardened PHP service. This patches outdated versions of PHP so your web applications run safely without jeopardizing server security.

You have choices in the security space but you have no options if you want the best security solution available.

Imunify360 3.7.1 Beta is here
Beta: EasyApache 4 updated


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