Proactive defense for sophisticated attacks

Sophisticated malware needs sophisticated solutions to combat it. With web security, prevention is always the best defense. Imunify360 detects known attacks with its built-in Malware Scanner. Now, a new feature, Proactive Defense, takes protection to a whole new level.

Imunify360 blocks attacks with a combination of technologies: signature matching, real-time behaviour analysis, and herd immunity, informed by insights collected from servers around the globe. It is invaluable to web server owners, helping them adapt their security efforts to changing malware threats without the need to swap one antivirus solution for another.

Imunify360 is an all-inclusive and comprehensive security solution. It helps protect Linux-based web servers from many forms of attack or exploit. Its new Proactive Defense feature adds another formidable fortification layer to your systems and services.

Imunify360 uses a variety of techniques to protect against attacks:

And yet there is more. With CloudLinux Backup for Imunify360, you can restore your server to a previous clean state in the event of a ransomware or virus attack.

New breeds of compromise, for example, the installation of crypto-mining malware, can be harder to detect. These run quietly in the background with low resource usage and are extremely hard to detect, unless you are proactively defending your servers.

Imunify360's new Proactive Defense implements a pre-emptive and proactive approach to security, turning a multi-layer solution into a rock-solid one. You can install it in minutes and start defending your customers immediately.

To learn more about how it works, and why it stops almost all malware, watch this webinar recording. You can also try Imunify360 free for 30 days here.