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Push the boundaries: graylist IP-addresses behind Cloudflare

Push the boundaries: graylist IP-addresses behind Cloudflare

In a hosting provider’s world, there are a lot of risks: viruses, hackers and DDoS attacks, server overloads, etc. Hosting providers attempt to minimize these and other risks using a great many tools. A frequently-used service is Cloudflare. It provides content-delivery network services, DDoS mitigation, Internet security, and distributed domain-name server services. In the past, users have had issues synchronizing Cloudflare with Imunify360. This is no longer a problem because we have added Cloudflare support. You can now add IP addresses behind Cloudflare to the Imunify360 Gray List.

This is an experimental feature, and it is available in Imunify360 version 3.8 onwards. Please follow these instructions to upgrade. You can find all the technical details in our documentation.

Cloudflare support is disabled by default. To enable it, add the following section to the Imunify360 configuration file (/etc/sysconfig/imunify360/imunify360.config):

 known_proxies_support: true
Beta: Alt-PHP updated
Alt-mod-passenger updated


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