CloudLinux - PHP Selector for Plesk Admins
Getting started with CloudLinux OS


After the PHP Selector installation, you will notice the ‘Selector’ tab in Plesk Admin panel > Extensions > LVE Manager.

Within the main table of extensions, you can choose default modules for your new end-users, for any PHP version available. For example, let’s try it for PHP 5.6.

Enable ‘apcu’ and ‘apm’ modules, then click save at the bottom.

You can disable particular PHP versions so that end-users will not be able to choose them in their panels, say PHP 5.1 and 5.2.

You can also choose the default PHP version to be selected when a new account is created, let’s pick PHP 5.6 for this example.

Bottom line, the PHP Selector allows you to manage PHP and extensions globally, across all new user accounts.

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