CloudLinux - PHP Selector for DirectAdmin Users
Getting started with CloudLinux OS


Users can find PHP Selector functionality under the “Select PHP version” in their DirectAdmin home page.

On PHP Selector page an end-user will see the currently selected PHP version - for new users, it will be the default version for their account. They can choose the desired version from those allowed by the server administrator by clicking on the drop-down list.

After choosing the PHP version, users can select modules they want to be available for their website. Let’s select “gmagick” and “rar” for this example. Clicking on ‘Save’ button makes the modules immediately available for the web application.

On the top right, there is a link to PHP options where end-users can adjust the most important values. Let’s change memory limit to 256Mb and upload_max_filesize to 16Mb.

End users do not need to modify any files such as “php.ini” or “htaccess” manually - everything is done from the web interface.

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