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  1. Morten
  2. 03.04.2017
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As we choose not to go for Imunify360 I have been uninstalling the agent on the servers today.

On the first server were we had the lastest version it went ok:

Package Arch Version Repository Size
alt-python35 x86_64 3.5.2-5.el7 @imunify360 45 k
alt-python35-PyYAML x86_64 3.11-1.el7 @imunify360 725 k
alt-python35-aiodns noarch 1.1.1-1.el7 @imunify360 27 k
alt-python35-aiohttp x86_64 1.3.3-1.el7 @imunify360 1.4 M
alt-python35-aiohttp-jinja2 noarch 0.13.0-1.el7 @imunify360 40 k
alt-python35-chardet noarch 2.3.0-2.el7 @imunify360 1.7 M
alt-python35-daemon noarch 2.1.1-1.el7 @imunify360 155 k
alt-python35-geoip2 noarch 2.4.2-1.el7 @imunify360 187 k
alt-python35-humanize noarch 0.5.1-2.el7.cloudlinux @imunify360 71 k
alt-python35-lockfile noarch 0.12.2-1.el7 @imunify360 110 k
alt-python35-peewee x86_64 2.8.3-1.el7 @imunify360 1.4 M
alt-python35-peewee_migrate noarch 0.6.4-1.el7 @imunify360 122 k
alt-python35-psutil x86_64 4.3.1-1.el7 @imunify360 1.4 M
alt-python35-raven noarch 5.32.0-1.el7 @imunify360 715 k
clamav x86_64 0.99.2-1.el7 @epel 2.4 M
imunify360-firewall noarch 2.0-10.el7 @imunify360 1.4 M
imunify360-geodb noarch 16.01.04-2.el7 @imunify360 11 M
ipset x86_64 6.19-6.el7 @cloudlinux-x86_64-server-7
65 k
maldetect noarch 1.6-7.el7 @imunify360 3.3 M
ossec-hids x86_64 2.8.3-53.el7.cloudlinux @imunify360 171 k
ossec-hids-server x86_64 2.8.3-53.el7.cloudlinux @imunify360 4.2 M
Removing for dependencies:
alt-python35-babel noarch 1.3-7.el7 @imunify360 9.1 M
alt-python35-cffi x86_64 1.8.3-1.el7 @imunify360 995 k
alt-python35-devel x86_64 3.5.2-5.el7 @imunify360 3.2 M
alt-python35-jinja2 noarch 2.7.2-3.el7 @imunify360 2.3 M
alt-python35-joblib noarch 0.10.3-2.el7 @imunify360 1.0 M
alt-python35-libs x86_64 3.5.2-5.el7 @imunify360 37 M
alt-python35-markupsafe x86_64 0.23-7.el7 @imunify360 97 k
alt-python35-maxminddb x86_64 1.2.3-1.el7 @imunify360 111 k
alt-python35-mock noarch 2.0.0-2.el7 @imunify360 798 k
alt-python35-multidict x86_64 2.1.4-1.el7 @imunify360 214 k
alt-python35-nose noarch 1.3.7-1.el7.cloudlinux @imunify360 1.4 M
alt-python35-numpy x86_64 1.11.3-1.el7 @imunify360 19 M
alt-python35-numpy-f2py x86_64 1.11.3-1.el7 @imunify360 1.1 M
alt-python35-pbr noarch 1.8.1-2.el7 @imunify360 305 k
alt-python35-pip noarch 1.5.6-5.el7 @cloudlinux-x86_64-server-7
8.0 M
alt-python35-pycares x86_64 2.1.1-1.el7 @imunify360 128 k
alt-python35-pytricia x86_64 0.9.4-1.el7 @imunify360 40 k
alt-python35-requests noarch 2.10.0-5.el7 @imunify360 480 k
alt-python35-scikit-learn x86_64 0.18.1-3.el7 @imunify360 23 M
alt-python35-scipy x86_64 0.18.1-1.el7 @imunify360 48 M
alt-python35-setuptools noarch 20.1.1-1.el7 @imunify360 1.8 M
alt-python35-yarl x86_64 0.9.8-1.el7 @imunify360 171 k
imunify360-firewall-cpanel noarch 2.0-10.el7 @imunify360 3.1 M

Transaction Summary
Remove 21 Packages (+23 Dependent packages)

But one failed:
ipset.x86_64 0:6.19-6.el7

Sites are loading fine on the server, but the uninstaller also removed maldet setup we had before Imunify360.
So now we have to manually setup maldet again on the server!
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  1. 03.04.2017 11:04:27
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Morten Accepted Answer
Posts: 116
Joined: 16.04.2014
On the next server I'm not sure it did remove all packages:

Package Arch Version Repository Size
imunify360-firewall noarch 2.0-10.el7 @imunify360 1.4 M
Removing for dependencies:
imunify360-firewall-cpanel noarch 2.0-10.el7 @imunify360 3.1 M

Transaction Summary

Also on this server maldet setup was remove:
[email protected]:/# maldet
-bash: maldet: command not found

The other thing was httpd went down after installation.
It went up again when started the service again though.

But the thing that was causing most issues was before I removed IM. Load was high on the server. I checked IM in WHM and it was not working because of invalid license.

See attachments.
  1. 03.04.2017 17:04:55
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Hi, Morten!

Could you please open a ticket with this specific issue https://helpdesk.cloudlinux.com/index.php?/Tickets/Submit/renderform/9 , and our support will help you immediately.

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