Blocking legitimate mail users
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  1. Mauritz K
  2. 03.08.2018
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We have a huge issue with Imunify blocking legitimate users.

For example,

There is an office with 10 people.
1 user is entering a password incorrectly, triggering:

Dovecot Invalid User Login Attempt.
Exim Auth failed
Dovecot brute force attack (multiple auth failures).

This 1 user then gets the entire office IP blocked and 9 other people can't get their mail.

cPHulk will actually block only the 1 offending mail user.

How can we solve this?
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  1. 10.08.2019 07:08:18
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Mauritz K Accepted Answer
Posts: 4
Joined: 03.08.2018
Good day,

Just want to check if anything regarding this issue has been addressed in 4.2.x ?

  1. 12.08.2019 10:08:07
  2. # 22
Sergey Khristich Accepted Answer
Posts: 504
Joined: 20.05.2019
Hello Mauritz! Partially, it will be fixed in 4.4 release but major focus for SMTP traffic management is scheduled for 4.5 release.
Marketing Manager
  1. 12.08.2019 15:08:53
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John Accepted Answer
Posts: 0
Joined: 26.02.2021
how many years away is that?

when someone is asking for a time frame they are asking for dates, not roadmap version numbers. this is a problem that should never have existed in a first place. waiting 2 to 3 versions to get this fixed while pretty things like cosmetic changes to dashboards are getting coded is maddening .

  1. 13.08.2019 09:08:56
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Greg Zemskov Accepted Answer
Posts: 28
Joined: 16.11.2018
Hello John, we're releasing v4.4 in September, version 4.5 in October.

Unfortunately, it's not just a cosmetic change, it requires specific improvement in the firewall component.

Thank you for your patience.
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