Adding ip to graylist manually.
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  2. 17.05.2017
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I'm starting to try out immunify360, but encountered an issue.

I'm trying to add a ip to the graylist in order to trigger captcha on specific ips.
But i get the following error , is there any way that i can add a ip to the graylist manually?

any example command line or commands would be helpful.

imunify360-agent graylist ip add

ERROR: You can not add ip to the graylist
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  1. 18.05.2017 14:05:10
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As of the current version, we do not let users adding graylist entries manually (only removing is possible).
  1. 18.05.2017 19:05:57
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Joined: 17.08.2016
Also, if you only need to test passing captcha page (but not invisible captcha) it is possible by navigating to http://YourServerIP:52225.
if the above-mentioned is not the reason why you would like to add IPs into graylist, please, let us know.
  1. 03.05.2019 19:05:12
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Ben Weaver Accepted Answer
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Joined: 05.10.2017
Is that URL still valid for testing the captcha page?

I don't have invisible captcha enabled, but when browsing that URL I just get redirected.
  1. 07.05.2019 10:05:39
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Sergey Accepted Answer
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Joined: 07.05.2019

The mentioned URL is not valid anymore. Moreover, this port is not in use anymore, and two new internal ports (52224/52223) are blocked by a firewall and not reachable rather than from localhost. Unblocking these ports would be a security breach.

As for now, you'll see the CAPTCHA on ports 80/443 in case your IP is currently graylisted.

For testing purposes, you can try to brute-force the login attempt to CMS, for example, once your IP will be graylisted due to attempts count you'll see the captcha.

Should you have any further questions, do not hesitate to ask.
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