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  1. ravens
  2. 25.03.2015
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mysql on ssd and cagefs issues
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  1. 25.03.2015 11:03:57
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ravens Accepted Answer
Posts: 3
Joined: 24.03.2015
Hello there!
Since one year working with CL I have some unawered questions with security and second - perfomance.

1) Security.
Bein logged in cagefs with SSH users have acces to var/lib/mysql and they can see ALL of the bases on the server.
And, yes - they can read it, download it. 
My is standart - it contains /var/lib/mysql to be included in cagefs as well.
I have tried to move mysql out of cagefs but it's breaks database connections.
How to hide /var/lib/mysql from users inside cagefs?

2) Perfomance.
The mysql. Again. 
For mysql I have ssd, all other files are stored on traditional HDD. This was made to reduce I\O which mysql can make and slow HDD perfomance.
I have noticed that all mysql bases which are used are stored in the /usr/share/cagefs-skeleton and HDD load is high all of the time.
I tried to move cagefs and cagefs-skeleton to SSD, but I can't see a big winning from it.
So, is there a point to move skeleton to ssd or it contains only hard\symlinks and don't make additional i\o?
  1. 25.03.2015 12:03:00
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Mike Tindor Accepted Answer
Posts: 35
Joined: 08.11.2013
FYI -- On all my CL / CageFS servers [with users jailed of course], I cannot access /var/lib/mysql or any files within it:  permission denied.    It's the same regardless of whether i use a "normal" or a "jailed" shell for the user.

So the fact that you can see all the MySQL tables suggests to me that at some point along the line you broke something / disabled something.

  1. 25.03.2015 13:03:15
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ravens Accepted Answer
Posts: 3
Joined: 24.03.2015
HelloMike Tindor.
Whast is your pemisson on  /var/lib/mysql ? An is it possible to get list of directory y user from SSH (jailed or not - it's doesn't matter on CL, isn't?).
  1. 26.03.2015 04:03:40
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ravens Accepted Answer
Posts: 3
Joined: 24.03.2015
Hello, Bogdan.
Thank you for your answers.
You should add this usefull information to CL Documentation - I spend a lot time reading it and didn\'t found answers for my questions.
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