How to tune/tweak MySQL Governor settings
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  1. Scott Neader
  2. 08.05.2014
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I've read the documentation as well as many online forum threads, but have not yet found any useful information as to how to tune & tweak the default MySQL Governor settings.  I found a post by Igor that specifically states that you must do this:

It is very effective, the only problem is that you have to tune settings/limits to be adequate for your server/hardware -- as they tend to be quite different on 16 core/raid 10 server, vs 2 core / basic 7200rpm drive
Any tips on how to start the process of tuning the settings?

- Scott
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  1. 12.10.2014 03:10:37
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Hostking Accepted Answer
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I\'d also like to know?

And also what does this mean? How does one adjust it and what is recommended for shared hosting with over 500 domains?

<!-- -1 not use limit(by default, current - required) -->
<limit name=\"cpu\" current=\"150\" short=\"100\" mid=\"90\" long=\"65\"/>
<limit name=\"read\" current=\"100000000\" short=\"90000000\" mid=\"80000000\" long=\"70000000\"/>
<limit name=\"write\" current=\"100000000\" short=\"90000000\" mid=\"80000000\" long=\"70000000\"/>

  1. 13.11.2014 18:11:07
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Ray Baron Accepted Answer
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I would like to chime with a question to fine-tune Scott's and Tasneem's questions.

lveinfo --dbgov --user=xxxx

TS                               USER     CPU     READ    WRITE   CON     lCPU    lREAD   lWRITE   RESTRICT
2014-11-13 22:00:00  xxxx            8       8.7         0.1         0           400      1000    1000

I'm using defaults:


How does CPU 8 fr om lveinfo correlate to the lim it CPU figures in the configuration?  8 is a long way from 150.  And when I run dbtop, I never see a CPU figure above 12.  Is "8" really 80?  800?

Also, back to the user in lveinfo above, what does the READ = 8.7 represent?  This user has reads that can sometimes be over 70MB, but I never see anything other than single digits in lveinfo.

If there is documentation that describes what these numbers mean, please let me know.  I can't find it.

Lastly, I'm running in "abusers" mode.  So when the users exceeds configured limits, his queries should run in his LVE.  But I see no changes in any LVE parameters when the user is restricted.
  1. 14.11.2014 07:11:18
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Hostking Accepted Answer
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I think I am going to send a ticket as I don\'t seem to get responses to these questions when it\'s around DB Governor.
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