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  1. Trevor Barrett
  2. 08.05.2011
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A tearing my hair out siruation
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  1. 08.05.2011 04:05:19
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Trevor Barrett Accepted Answer
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Joined: 08.05.2011
Hey Everyone,

We are having some memory usage problems with CloudLinux as end users, and if you guys have any insight, help, or advice, we\'d be hugely appreciative.

Basically, our hosting provider is the process of upgrading their servers to CloudLinux, and in doing so they are imposing a 500MB memory (RAM) usage limit. In theory, this sounds great; no one account on a shared server will be able to hog all of the resources and slow down everyone else\'s sites.

Unfortunately, many of us who are running Wordpress sites have encountered trouble, big-time. We are getting a plethora of 500 and 503 errors, many sites will not load properly, and in the Resource Usage section of our cpanels, it shows that we are pegging that 500MB limit consistently, leading to multiple memory faults per hour.

Now, WP can be a memory hog, no doubt. So we\'ve been working for the last week to analyze our sites for memory leaks, etc. We have removed plugins, tweaked plugins, changed themes, upgraded themes, downgraded themes, installed caching plugins...the works -- all too little avail.

We then hired out a Wordpress expert to analyze our sites for problems. When he load-tested a batch of different yet problematic WP sites on a test server, he could not make any of them consume more than 250MB RAM, let alone 500. His ultimate analysis was that nothing was wrong with the WP installations, their configurations, plugins, themes, or anything. That something must be happening on the server.

Additionally, there is no constant among WP sites which are having problems. Other users with issues are using completely different plugins, themes, etc. We have sites with ZERO active plugins, a well-known theme, and only 5-10 visitors per day hitting the 500MB limit.

Now, I know that, to most of you, this issue probably still SOUNDS like a WP problem. I KNOW that this is the simplest explanation. That our sites were bursting before, and now they\'re unable to. Right now, I think our hosting provider still thinks it\'s a WP problem, and it\'s hard to blame them. But get this: we have been able to take a site fr om a CloudLinux server on which it had consumed nary a bit of RAM in the last 7 days, migrate it to another CloudLinux server (which is supposed to be configured identically), and have it pegging the 500MB lim it consistently, not loading properly, throwing errors, that\'s hard to explain in any way except that there is a server/CL configuration issue.

Does anyone have ideas about what this could be or how this could happen? Anything that might point us in the right direction?

I guess we could all just transfer our sites to another host (and some of us are having to do that as we speak), but hell, I guess I\'m just stubborn and want to get to the bottom of this.

I thought I\'d come here to the experts and see what y\'all have to say. Thanks in advance for your input!
  1. 08.05.2011 18:05:27
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Peter Abraham Accepted Answer
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Joined: 10.08.2010
Good day, Trevor Barrett:

I\'m sorry to read about your problems. CloudLinux, while an excellent means of helping providers maximize a server in a fair manner, does require tweaking fr om time to time based on customer experience.

We have a growing number of WordPress 3 sites on our own servers, and with a RAM memory limit of 256 MB without problems. But the number of WordPress sites we host per server might be a lot less than what you are seeing / using.

Have you used the /usr/sbin/lveinfo tool to try and see what are the actual faults? Are they max proc entry (the most common) or RAM?

/etc/container/ve.cfg can be customized to allow given user id\'s to have higher (or lower) lim its.

Thank you.
  1. 17.05.2011 11:05:42
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dionnys bonalde Accepted Answer
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Joined: 28.04.2011
also experiencing Internal Server Error 500 by assigning lve 64mb of ram and the server has 3GB of RAM, where puder see that in a moment the server runs out of memory which makes the Apache does not work properly

thank you
  1. 17.05.2011 11:05:58
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Igor Seletskiy Accepted Answer
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sorry -- missed that thread yesterday.

We are talking about virtual memory, not physical memory, and 64mb is VERY LOW.
I really recommend sticking with 1GB limit, even if you have just 2GB RAM.
Note: RAM -- physical memory
We are limiting virtual memory.

Single PHP process can easily use 100MB of virtual RAM.
Yet, it will share physical ram with other PHP processes.So, if you have 10 PHP processes, each using 100MB of virtual memory, you would use 1000MB of virtual memory.
yet, they probably share about 80MB of physical ram, so your physical memory usage will be:
80+10x20=280MB .. much lower.

And CL limits virtual...
  1. 11.11.2019 19:11:06
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clarc Accepted Answer
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Joined: 11.11.2019
after saving this htaccess file, try replacing it with a htaccess file from a Joomla! "new".
Attention, to activate the re-writing of url at 1 & 1, it is necessary to un-comment the line:
# RewriteBase /
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