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  1. Anton
  2. Wednesday, 08 February 2017
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After resizing root partition I got a problem.
Disk space growing up (in hypervisor) during all time when VM is running.
I installed CloudLinux on LVM and used standard way: lvextend and resize2fs to resize root partition
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  1. 08.02.2017 14:02:26
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Bogdan Accepted Answer
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So far not sure why it is going that way. In short - it should works same way as on CentOS / RHEL .

What virtualization you are using?
  1. 08.02.2017 14:02:06
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anton Accepted Answer
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  1. 08.02.2017 15:02:35
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Bogdan Accepted Answer
Posts: 709
Joined: 26.06.2013
I am reading https://forum.proxmox.com/threads/resize-a-kvm-lvm-hardisk.8553/ and would like to be sure you follow same:

You must stop and start the VM (so that the bios see the bigger disk). After that it's depends on your VM (used partition layout, filesystem). If your VM used also lvm, you can (all inside the VM!)
a) create a new partition on the new space and add them to the vg; after that expand the lv and do an resize2fs
b) expand your existing partition (perhaps after that a reboot of the VM is nessearry, because the kernel use the old partition-table (lvm)).
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