Ошибка mod_lsapi / lsphp после перезагрузки
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  1. Cuboc Adrian
  2. Wednesday, 04 November 2015
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Fresh install of CL7 with lsphp gives this error after a reboot for all users.
[Wed Nov 04 07:25:09 2015] [ERROR Permission denied:13] sulsphp: socket bind failed
[Wed Nov 04 07:25:19.739631 2015] [lsapi:error] [pid 2598] [client xxxxxxxxx:55006] mod_lsapi: [host xxxxx.xxx] Could not connect to lsphp backend: connect to lsphp failed: 2 No such file or directory

When i run
/usr/bin/switch_mod_lsapi --setup
/bin/systemctl restart httpd.service
All works budt there must be a way of making it work whitout that 2 commands ?
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  1. 04.11.2015 14:11:24
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Bogdan Accepted Answer
Posts: 709
Joined: 26.06.2013
It should not work that way. Maybe you have some special setup? Like home directories mount with NFS?

Any errors during server boot time? Also, do you have link traversal protection enabled? Please show the output of:

sysctl -a | grep link
  1. 04.11.2015 15:11:50
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Cuboc Adrian Accepted Answer
Posts: 9
Joined: 27.03.2014
Use ext4 on local disk.

fs.enforce_symlinksifowner = 1
fs.protected_hardlinks = 1
fs.protected_symlinks = 1
fs.symlinkown_gid = 1006
  1. 28.03.2016 09:03:40
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Bogdan Accepted Answer
Posts: 709
Joined: 26.06.2013
Do you have /tmp/lshttpd/ after reboot? I believe it is removed somehow, maybe with some /tmp recreation script? As far as I remember mod_lsapi start should create that directory if doesn\'t exist but maybe some strange startup order when /tmp/ does not exists when apache starts?
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