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  1. phamduy tam
  2. 15.05.2012
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My server is hosting server
Infomation of my server:
CPU: E5620 X 2
RAM: 24Gb

How to set the best default resource for each user.

I dont understant some option example:

CPU 10% (what is that? is it max CPU user can be use?
If i have 2 physical CPU E5620 ~ 16 Core, is 10% CPU mean max %CPU user can be use for all core or only 1 core?)

MEM 768.0M (each user can be user 768Mb Ram/ 24GB RAM is it true)
Entry processes 20 (Number process of PHP or some thing?)
Number of cores per LVE 1 (That is option most important, but i dont understand. I have total 16 CPU core, but user only user 1/16 core, is it waste the perfomance of Server)

Sorry becase my english not well. But i neet to know the best performance for my server.
Anyone tell me please!!!

Thanks you very much!
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Igor Seletskiy Accepted Answer
Posts: 1194
Joined: 09.02.2010
If you are running typical shared hosting setup (lots of users) -- I would recommend leaving default values.
ANd yes 10% of CPU is max cpu usage that single customer can get.
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