План надстройки плана Plesk рассматривается как планы обслуживания, и они не должны быть
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  1. John Shiells
  2. Monday, 27 April 2015
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I am trying to get CL to fix this issue but i am being told it has not been reported by enough people for them to bother.   
however I am sure that if any CL+Plesk user looks into this everyone will be having this bug as i am seeing it on all 9 of my CL+Plesk servers

if you are having the issue i describe below, I am requesting you open your own tickets as well as vote for this to be fixed.

In Plesk, Service Plans "Add-on's" are being treated as "Service plans" by the LVE Manager.
This is causing issues with Add-ons that are using LVE defaults that end up overriding package values set for service plans.

Default CPU set to 250%
Hosting plan bronze is set to 25%
Add-on for Plesk called (add 1 email account) is overriding the bronze LVE package stetting and bumping the bronze customers back up to 250% CPU

going the other way does not fix the problem

Default CPU set to 25%
Hosting plan gold is set to 250%
Add-on for Plesk called (add 1 email account) is overriding the bronze LVE package stetting and bumping the bronze customers down to 25% CPU instead of leaving them at 250%
to fix this, the LVE package manager scraper needs to ignore Plesk Service Plans Add-ons and not treat them as Plesk Service plans.

Please check this out for yourself, make a ticket, and vote.   This is a silly bug.... not a feature request... I just want CL to make this run as expected.

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  1. 23.06.2016 19:06:11
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John Keegan Accepted Answer
Posts: 3
Joined: 31.05.2010
Is this still an issue John? It sounds like selling Plesk add ons, something I was hoping to do, would interfere with our ability to sell additional CPU resources via Cloudlinux... Is there any workaround?
  1. 06.07.2016 16:07:24
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John Shiells Accepted Answer
Posts: 1
Joined: 27.04.2015
Hello John Keegan,

yes this issue is fixed now and works fantastic where add-ons are not treated as service plans and ignored by lve manager

you do not have the ability to sell additional resources as add-ones in plesk.

in my view, for shared hosting, if you need more then you need a VPS,  the limits are to prevent people from killing your server, i don't think they were ever designed to be treated as a up sale add-on. 
  1. 10.07.2016 22:07:52
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John Keegan Accepted Answer
Posts: 3
Joined: 31.05.2010
OK thanks for that update, John Shiells. Very helpful.

I think I understand what you mean about it not being possible to sell additional LVE resources (CPU, processes, etc.) as add-ons in Plesk, but it still should be possible to create a separate Service Plan and alter its LVE limits, no?

Totally understand about the best upsell being VPS but sometimes you want to give the client a bridge between shared hosting and VPS, especially since the pricing is usually a big gap... I thought I heard Igor mentioning on one of the webcasts that additional limits as an upsell was one of the supported use cases  ...
  1. 19.01.2017 11:01:39
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Bogdan Accepted Answer
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Joined: 26.06.2013
Test reply as of 2017-01-19 . :p
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