Optimumcache - not doing much?
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  1. Steve Venter
  2. 16.07.2015
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I have a server which has only WordPress sites on it. Around 400 of them. So I thought that Optimumcache would be caching many files.
I installed it a few days ago. These are the results:

df -h
Filesystem            Size  Used Avail Use% Mounted on
/dev/sda1             1.8T  1.3T  449G  75% /
tmpfs                  16G  8.0K   16G   1% /dev/shm
/dev/md0              221G   28G  182G  14% /var
/usr/tmpDSK           4.0G  256M  3.5G   7% /tmp
                       24G   16G  7.1G  69% /var/cache/optimumcache 

# optimumcache stat
csums:        3279 (0.1%)
           fetched   uncached     cached percentage  de-duplication coefficient
inodes:    2565371    2562092       3279       0.1%                        0.1%
size,kB: 180697235  180653167      44067       0.0%                        0.0%
RAM,kB:   13927220   13895908      31312       0.2%                        0.2%
Surely these figures should be higher? Or is this to be expected?
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  1. 17.07.2015 04:07:54
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Steve Venter Accepted Answer
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Hello Bogdan

# grep 'optimumcache mark' /var/log/messages*

no result

# cat /var/share/optimumcache_store

optimumcache mark --recursive /home
optimumcache mark --recursive /home
optimumcache unmark --recursive /home
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