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  1. Rodrigo Araujo
  2. 12.09.2014
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Hello Everybody,

I'm new around here, it's my first post

I'm Windows Server administrator
now I'm going to start administering CentOS

On Windows Servers, we have a panel of controls for multiserver environment, where the Panel distributes the services on various web servers, e-mail, ftp, db etc.
with this, we use 4 fixed DNS servers for unlimited customers
all customers walk through centralized controls panel 1

now, with people asking very hosting with cPanel, we will answer requests

so we have 2 ideas:

1st. Create 4 cluster DNS servers using Cpanel DNSONLY and link all unlimited servers where will the customer accounts
in this way, always existed only these 4 DNS servers for all customers linux cpanel
in this environment the client does not have centralized Panel that distributes to other servers, so will be mutliplos cPanel servers

2nd option is to simplify, each server with cpanel has its own DNS server with 2 ips, but in the same location

I prefer the idea of option 1 particularly because we can distribute planetariamente the nameservers in continents such as we have today in the windows environment

but the doubt is

Works have multiple dedicated servers with cPanel and link them all in a single cluster of 4 cpanel DNSONLY servers?

Is it safe?
As the Panel is not centered, i.e. each dedicated server has a own Panel, so if a Server X one client add a domain and another client on Server Y add the same domain name, which occurs in the dns cluster being that is the same domain coming from different servers? could someone hire a fake account just to add a domain, change the dns table ips and make a great phishing of any content.

or even a 3rd. option: take each dedicated server with cPanel the DNS1 inside him and for each dedicated server create a server/VPS DNSONLY with different IP be exclusive DNS2 each dedicated server? use very IP, but ... maybe it would be safer and would have geographical redundancy.

Please comment your experiences

Thank you very much

Rodrigo  Araujo
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  1. 18.09.2014 19:09:39
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Daniel Parvanov Accepted Answer
Posts: 7
Joined: 12.07.2014
I use 2 HA Cloud VMs from 2 different providers and different geo location for cPanel DNS only and multiple cPanel dedicated servers (they works like charm )

I remeber i add 3d but for some reason it do not sync ok so I stick to 2 but that was long ago and i did not dig deep into the problem... go with the cluster use cloud VMs (so you can scale easy and got high availability )

In normal operations you cannot add domain that already exist to the cluster from different server it tells you that domain exist

but you manually override this and have a problem
  1. 19.09.2014 03:09:48
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Rodrigo Araujo Accepted Answer
Posts: 1
Joined: 12.09.2014
Hello Daniel,

thanks for your reply and help.

Best Regards,
Rodrigo Araujo
  1. 26.05.2017 11:05:22
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William Jensen Accepted Answer
Posts: 0
Joined: 24.01.2021
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