Default memory limit = 1GB, or does it?
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  1. Kevin Brooks
  2. 17.01.2012
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Since memory limits are based on counting memory pages and since memory pages are 4096 bytes, not 4000 bytes shouldn\'t the default mem limit setting of 1 GB:

<mem limit=\"262144\"></mem>

instead be:

<mem limit=\"256000\"></mem>

# getconf PAGESIZE
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  1. 17.01.2012 21:01:34
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Igor Seletskiy Accepted Answer
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That would be correct if 1GB would be 1000MB. Of course, the binary gods ruled otherwise, and decided to make it 1024MB instead ;)
Of course, hard disk manufacturers are on your side, and soon will be moving to defining 1KB as 900 bytes.
  1. 18.01.2012 01:01:55
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Kevin Brooks Accepted Answer
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You\'re right (GBs vs. GiBs). I just love computer \"science\" ;). Is it memory, bandwidth, or disk space? No wonder everyone wants to just go \"unlimited\". Sad to say that I\'ve been doing this for a long time and even I get it wrong. I vote for a simplified config file that allows us to specify X MB or X GB so we don\'t have to think about page size or GiB vs. GB :).
  1. 18.01.2012 07:01:48
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Igor Seletskiy Accepted Answer
Posts: 1201
Joined: 09.02.2010
lvectl allows you to do just that. I actually don\'t recommend editing ve.cfg directly.
lvectl set LVE_ID --mem=1g --save
lvectl set LVE_ID --mem=256m --save

Will do all the conversion for you.
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