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  1. Frank Doud
  2. 28.10.2011
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Why does what shows on server a older version then shows in Ksplice?
I have a few servers and they show the same.
On server:
[email protected] [~]# uname -r
On Ksplice site:
Effective Kernel
Linux (x86_64) 2.6.18-374.3.1.el5.lve0.8.44 #1 SMP Mon Oct 3 18:27:54 EEST 2011

I believe this server had been re-booted just a few days ago,And it still shows the old kernel
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  1. 29.10.2011 16:10:07
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Igor Seletskiy Accepted Answer
Posts: 1201
Joined: 09.02.2010
Ksplice doesn\'t really update the kernel. It updates applies patches for some security issues, etc...
Yet, you still run lve0.8.34 kernel, and some new features available there (like ability to switch ncpu on the fly) is not there.

Here is from ksplice FAQ:

Does Ksplice Uptrack change the output of uname?
Ksplice Uptrack does not change the output of uname.

Instead, to see what effective kernel a machine is running use the uptrack-uname utility, which has the same format as uname and supports the common uname flags, including -r and -a.

You can also see a machine\'s effective kernel on your web interface or through our API.
  1. 29.10.2011 17:10:30
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Frank Doud Accepted Answer
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Joined: 21.08.2010
For those that are lazy like me and not read the docs before ansking the question. The correct command to see the effective kernel is:
uptrack-uname -r

Which arise from

However since Ksplice only updates per Igor statments. I guess those with Ksplice are still required to update via yum and reboot? Is that correct?

  1. 29.10.2011 20:10:39
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Igor Seletskiy Accepted Answer
Posts: 1201
Joined: 09.02.2010
I would recommend the upgrade. For some reason ksplice didn\'t include fix for kernel panic fix for lve_list_next race condition -- and we had lots of people complaining about random crashes due to that.
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