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  1. Damon L
  2. 28.08.2016
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Help with setting up CL server in WHM
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  1. 28.08.2016 14:08:41
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Damon L Accepted Answer
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Joined: 27.08.2016
I've got a server that hosts my client sites and sites of my own. I don't sell hosting alone, so I am the only one that uses WHM/cPanel.

The server was originally Centos 6 - Apache 2 - PHP 5.3 (fastcgi)

and I've recently switched to

CLOUDLINUX 6.8 x86_64 standard – server7  WHM 58.0 (build 23)  

The physical server has
Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E5-1620 v3 @ 3.50GHz, 64 gb ram, 512 gb SSD and 2 tb backup drive.
load levels are usually very low.

One reason for the change to CL is I am switching sites away fr om an application that requires PHP 5.3 over to Wordpress 

So now I've used PHP Selector to choose PHP 5.6 for the Wordpress sites and set PHP 5.3 for the legacy sites. All is well as far as that goes.

I could just leave everything as-is since it is working but wondering if I could do better without losing the ability to have PHP 5.3 on some accounts.

What about the handler? Should I stick to fastcgi or go to CL mod_lsapi? Wh ere is that selected anyway?

Below is a screenshot of my choices in Easy Apache 3, any suggestions would be appreciated. My criteria are

1. Maintain PHP 5.3 access for now.
2. Server as stable and error free as possible
3. Speed.

  1. 28.08.2016 16:08:35
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Richard Hordern Accepted Answer
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Joined: 19.03.2011
mod_lsapi will be faster, I think however that you can enable it on a per account basis if you want, which will allow you to test it\'s stability. So you can choose Fastcgid as default and then enable lsapi for a few accounts to compare.

For WordPress we now use PHP 7 and have had no issues so if I were you I would also try PHP7 as its much faster than PHP5.6.
  1. 28.08.2016 23:08:19
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Damon L Accepted Answer
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Joined: 27.08.2016
Thanks Richard,

I don't think I'm getting the whole picture of how EasyApache relates to CloudLinux and where things get selected.

If you look at the screenshot in my first post, there are three profiles available to choose under the cPanel + CloudLinux section. The second one has Apache 2.4 (should I switch to 2.4?) and PHP 5.6, if I select that one to configure there is a "select PHP" which lists

Please choose which PHP version(s) to build 

5.3.29  END OF LIFE 
5.4.45  END OF LIFE 
5.5.38  END OF LIFE 

selecting 5.6.25 leads to the "Exhaustive Options List" which really is exhausting.  :D

Below is a screenshot of the options, didn't want to embed the image because it is really tall.

No where in the configuration is there anything about Cloudlinux, mod_lsapi, or PHP 7

Where am I going wrong?
  1. 29.08.2016 03:08:29
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Richard Hordern Accepted Answer
Posts: 219
Joined: 19.03.2011
Mod_lsapi is enabled by command line via SSH. PHP 7 is installed when you install alt-php and is available in the select PHP menu.

We use Apache 2.4 with MPM Worker. I suggest PHP 5.6. If you disable native PHP for your users and only propose PHP Selector, then you don't need to worry about what modules you select, I think there is an option to select the required modules for cPanel.

You would then follow the instructions here to enable lsapi for a single domain (either under Installing on cPanel servers or under Installing on cPanel servers with EasyApache 4 depending on which version of easyapache you have) :

And if it works well then enable globaly.
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