Odd values in PHP Selector
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  1. Robert Larsson
  2. 08.11.2019
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So, I was updating a customers values, so he could upload larger files, then I noticed some odd values in the PHP Selector.

memory_limit has the max of 512M to choose and has the tooltip:
The maximum amount of memory in bytes a scripts is allowed to allocate.
It does only let you choose by set values and the tooltip also adds "Set the value to -1 to have no memory limit" which then isn't possible since smallest you can choose is 64M

Moving on to post_max_size the span you can select ranges from 2M to 128M. The tooltip reads as:
The maximum size in bytes of data that can be posted with the POST method. Typically, should be larger than upload_max_filesize and smaller than memory_limit.
Since this has a max of 128M, it will be smaller than memory_limit in most cases, so that makes sense, but how come we can't do larger than 128M?

Next up we have upload_max_filesize, and here is where it's getting a bit messy. You can choose filesizes in the range from 2M to 1G, which is way larger than what you can set post_max_size to. While 1G big file might be more than most users need, they still can't upload larger than 128M due to the post_max_size which is supposed to be larger than upload_max_filesize. It would make sense to have memory_limit cap at 4G and post_max_size at 2G if we have upload_max_filesize as 2G, or am I misunderstanding something?

Thank you for reading. Hopefully everything is understandable.
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Sergey Khristich Accepted Answer
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Hello Robert! Thank you for reaching out! Try entering the settings in /etc/cl.selector/php.conf
If you have any other questions, feel free to ask here. Thank you for contacting us.
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