LVE dashboard statistics for Endusers limits not correct
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  1. Spiro Gousios
  2. 26.01.2021
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LVE Dashboard show me 1/7 Endusers reaching limits

but I only have 4 domains on my server at this time.

- when I click on Users tab> I see my 4 domains and default pkg. that would equal 5 only not 7

now why the discrepancy?

- Here is my complaint: in the LVE dashboard with statistics showing 1/7 Endusers reaching limits
even though I only have 4 real Endusers ( as I would think only 4 domains would equate to 4 Endusers)

so, if we have more users than domains in the statistics above "1/7"
- will we ever see more than just my domains as endusers reaching limits when you click on "Endusers reaching limits >DETAILS

meaning will the other UserID or users that are not domains ever show up as endusers reaching limits? if NO then why have them listed. I thought some how someone added domains to my server without my knowledge and that's why it showed 1/7 when there are only 4 domains and that should of shown 1/4 4 being only mu domains..

please think of the inconsistant numbers that will show in 1/7

yesterday it was showing 1/5 so I thought ok 4 domains 1 subdomain
today it showed 1/7 and nothing changed from yesterday..

also when you go to terminal and type in lvectl list-user

you will see more than 7 users listed so that doesn't seems like it matches the 7?

very confusing and I think you need to refactor this plugin to show only Endusers (domains listed) cause only these will ever reach a limit and the other users whom reach a limit that are not domains will never show when you click DETAILS, because I think only your domains will show after you click details

please fix this to make it more relevant to what you're really trying to portray in this plugin.

we need to see statistics of Endusers that will reach limits, not endusers that will never show in details that they reached limits.
or will never reach limits, then why have them in the count ??

Kind Regards,

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  1. 26.01.2021 19:01:46
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Spiro Gousios Accepted Answer
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if system endusers and domains (panel Endusers are listed ) like in my example 1/7 - 7 includes system Endusers,

then it would be nice to create 2 statistics:
1 for domains ( panel Endusers) then when we click on details it shows only domains ( panel Endusers that is more relevant to reaching limits
1 for system ( Endusers) with its own details for system users reaching limits

  1. 26.01.2021 20:01:09
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Spiro Gousios Accepted Answer
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Joined: 25.01.2021
Perhaps this would be good as a suggestion :

2 reasons I am thinking from my perspective.

1 is not so confusing for root admins > now we have total Panel users and system users so you might think its Panel end user reaching limits and might not be alarmed as much. but if you have this separate, the system Enduser limits will be more alarming and you can check this right away

2 they can separate Domain endusers reaching limits (Panels) and system Endusers reaching limits and statistics in different tabs to view only domain end users and only system end users. and count would be exact for the domain statistics cause it would show only the number of domains in the counts 2/7 - 7 being the total domains on your server

then you have system endusers and this would show 0/3 system endusers and when click on details would show you another tab - page with the system users reaching limits in LVE

also the System Endusers reaching limits to have an email sent to root admins or [email protected]
so we as root admins can receive an email that there is an issue and our system Endusers are reaching certain limits.

right now there is no email to receive if anyone of the endusers reaches their limits. so if we don't login we are not aware of any issue.. this email should be mandatory for any issues arising from limits being reached.

  1. 28.01.2021 11:01:14
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Hi Spiro,

LVE works with users, not domains. Thus, if a user have several domains we count their usage in total.
Please, find more information about LVE-Stats notifications configuration:

Also, they can be customized:
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