by / Пятница, 13 апреля 2018
Reseller Limits in CloudLinux OS now available for Plesk

The Reseller Limits feature in CloudLinux OS was one of the most anticipated enhancements released half a year ago, and now, with the latest release, Plesk customers can also take advantage of it. It allows hosting providers to offer more valuable services to their resellers. It empowers...


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by / Вторник, 10 апреля 2018
Node.js Selector is now in production!

With JavaScript becoming more and more popular, it was only reasonable that a huge number of CloudLinux customers would demand Node.js hosting. And I am happy to announce that now we are moving Node.js Selector to production for all of our dear cPanel users!

Node.js Selector


A brand new Node.js Selector...


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by / Вторник, 06 июня 2017
Imunify360 now supports Plesk!

We are happy to announce that Plesk support was added with the beta version 2.3-3 Imunify360 release. This makes it easy for customers who use Plesk to take advantage of all Imunify360 security features including advanced firewall, malware scanning (antivirus), IDS/IPS protection, reputation...


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by / Понедельник, 28 ноября 2016
KernelCare is now available in Plesk

Live patching and better security is now available right inside Plesk’s extensions catalog! With KernelCare, Plesk users will no longer need to bring their servers down due to security patching. It installs in minutes with a single line of code and without a reboot, and allows companies get...


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