Spacewalk 2.8 Production Upgrade: 22 June 2019 at 04:00 PDT (UTC-7)

Attention all CloudLinux OS customers.

We have exciting and long-anticipated news: Spacewalk 2.8 production upgrade is scheduled for June 22, starting at 4 am PDT. We’re telling you now because this upgrade may cause up to two hours of downtime on your servers.

The CLN team has been working for all of Q2 to make sure this big change goes smoothly. We hope you can cooperate with us and be prepared. Here’s how.

If you have any manual or automatic RPM-updates scheduled for this time, we suggest you pause or re-schedule it to avoid complications.

The results of our extensive test plans have been good. However, there are always risks with such upgrades. So we have laid plans for a roll-back to version 2.4, should anything go wrong. In that event, the downtime could be up to six hours.

If you have any concerns, our support team is ready to answer them.