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Node.js Selector Beta 2: Overview & Requirements

Node.js Selector Beta 2: Overview & Requirements

I am very happy about the latest release of Node.js Selector and the positive feedbacks we’ve had so far. We only released it last Monday but have already prepared for you some improvements with this new Beta! So let’s get to a more detailed description of the functions and requirements of the Node.js Selector proposed by CloudLinux.

One of the key elements that may catch the eye of a user is the ability to create Node.js applications by making two simple steps: (a) choose the version of Node.js that works for you and (b) set parameters in accordance with the users’ needs. Yes, that’s it!


While the Node.js Selector is compatible with CloudLinux 6, CloudLinux 6 Hybrid, and CloudLinux 7, it also supports Node.js versions 6.x, 8.x, 9.x and later.
One thing you will also have to make sure to install is LVE Manager 4.0-7 (or later).

For now, the Node.js Selector can be installed to support cPanel servers.
For more details about mod_passenger and Node.js, please read documentation here and here.

If you are interested in improved security functions, we recommend you installing CageFS (but you are not obliged to do it).

To update, please run the following command:

yum update lvemanager --enablerepo=cloudlinux-updates-testing

To find out more on how to operate Node.js Selector, please read this documentation article.

If you've missed the previous Beta release of Node.js Selector, please follow the link to check information on it.

Please find full changelog below.


  • LU-688: cloudlinux-selector install-version does not fail now when yum cache is empty;
  • WEB-914: created page “plugin is not available” for user’s side of Node.js Selector;
  • WEB-919: fixed an issue when "Edit" button for Node.js applications stops responding when app_root is nested;
  • WEB-922: renamed “Select Node.js Version” icon to “Setup Node.js App” to provide more meaning;
  • WEB-921: changed message for Node.js default version;
  • LU-692: Node.js Selector is now disabled by default;
  • WEB-918: make field startup-file not required in creating or editing of application;
  • WEB-925: fixed an issue with slow navigation in Plesk with CloudLinux LVE Manager extension.
MariaDB and MySQL for MySQL Governor updated
Beta: Imunify360 3.0.2 released

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