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KernelCare Unsuccessful Release Information

KernelCare Unsuccessful Release Information

One of our primary target in KernelCare is to ensure the best customer experience. And the thing we take the most seriously is the releases quality control.

Unfortunately, within the last week, we had some servers crashes due to the latest KernelCare release. We have rolled back that release and have prepared a bugfix release which is now available for download from our test feed.

To deploy it, edit /etc/sysconfig/kcare/kcare.conf and add the following line:


Then run the command:

kcarectl --update

If your tests reveal any crashes or you might need any further details, please contact our support team at

For now, to avoid such issues in the future, we have increased testing time and stress testing intensity. We are testing our releases on different platforms and software.

You can track unsuccessful releases on this page, which contains all the necessary information — the date of a failure, a version of the unsuccessful release, the affected distros, a cause of the issue, a resolution, and the current status of the fix.

We apologize for the inconveniences and ask you to report us about any issues you face while using KernelCare. For sure, it will help us build KernelCare — the world's finest defender of Linux kernels.

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