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Now you can provision Imunify360 licenses through WHMCS

Now you can provision Imunify360 licenses through WHMCS

We are excited to announce that Imunify360 now integrates with WHMCS! WHMCS is an all-in-one client management, billing and support solution for hosting providers. It handles everything from signup to termination, and now you can automatically provision the Imunify360 licenses right within the WHMCS.

With the CloudLinux new WHMCS plugin BETA, you can manage Imunify360 licenses: provision and terminate them, suspend and unsuspend, and view license details. Your customers are also able to view their Imunify360 license details.

WHMCS and Imunify360


The Imunify360 licenses are managed in the CloudLinux Licenses for WHMCS add-on version 1.2.0, currently in beta. If you don’t have it installed yet, follow these instructions.

Here, you can find the general documentation for WHMCS plugin to help you get started. Soon, we’ll update this information to be more Imunify360 focused.

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