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FullHost secures their VPS, dedicated, and shared servers with Imunify360

FullHost secures their VPS, dedicated, and shared servers with Imunify360

We are happy to share that FullHost, a premiere Canadian web hosting provider since 2004, is now offering Imunify360 to their virtual and dedicated server clients (in addition to running it on all their shared servers!).

FullHost began testing Imunify360 immediately after we released it, and after a week of testing, they have deployed Imunify360 on their shared hosting servers. Imunify360 complements and works with FullHoust in-house proprietary security solutions to ensure a controlled and secure hosting environment for all their clients. Now they provide a complete solution to further protect from attacks.

Many of FullHost’s clients use WordPress and the vulnerabilities that are present due to running outdated applications can create substantial issues for clients and their servers whenever an account is compromised. The increased protection that Imunify360 brings helps FullHost protect their client’s valuable assets, their websites.

With Imunify360, clients can unblock themselves with a CAPTCHA as opposed to having to contact FullHost support to remove a block and whitelist an IP. This saves time and eliminates frustration for the client and improves FullHost’s ability to serve them better while still protecting them from attacks.

Here is what Chris Tilden, Director of Business Development of FullHost, has said:

Why did you decide to use Imunify360?

The hands off automation combined with the all-in-one security using the herd protection really captured our attention. Knowing that an attackers IPs can be easily shared across all servers deployed with Imunify360 means we can proactively manage attacks before they even start. This gives an added layer of security just in its current state.

It’s a complete solution to further protect from attacks, along with the already deployed measures we have in place.

Are there any particular features or benefits that you find the most useful?

Beyond the above, we are most excited to see the development of Sandboxing, the feature sounds truly awesome and looking forward to its release.

Do you sell any other security solutions or did it replace a particular one?

We do not sell any other security solutions and Imunify360 compliments and works with our in house proprietary security solutions we have in place to ensure a controlled and secure hosting environment. This product goes further by working to protect the applications that can generally be the weakest link in protection.

Anything else to add?

We’ve been a firm believer in the other products that have been developed by the team behind Imunify360. CloudLinux has revolutionized the way shared hosting can be managed and thinking back to how we managed shared hosting environments before it would be just daunting. Imunify360 is likely going to be the next revolution in the hosting industry.

The automated security solutions and the constant learning that it will garner from servers all over the world, will undoubtedly increase the protection to our clients and ensure the best hosting experience they can have, with greater peace of mind knowing that their applications are as secure as they can be. Anything that can be done to prevent malicious attacks is a worthwhile investment.

Quoted from this blog post.

Thanks, Chris!

To learn more, you can visit this FullHost page:

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