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Beta: lve-stats2 updated

Beta: lve-stats2 updated

New updated lve-stats2 version 2.2-3 is available for download from our updates-testing repository.

Important changes:

  • Implemented all databases support (except PostgreSQL for CloudLinux 5) (please find detailed information on how to set up MySQL and PostgreSQL in our documentation).  (LVES-481 LVES-543 LVES-542).
  • Optimized statistics collection and charts displaying for users (LVES-353 LVES-476 LVES-499).
  • Made lvestats compatible with systemd for CloudLinux 7 (LVES-417).
  • Made lveinfo utility more usable (LVES-497).
  • Implemented cloudlinux-top utility designed to display information (json format) on LVE and MySQL resources usage in real time. Check our documentation for detailed information.

Known issues:

  1. Lve-stats cease working (stops collecting statistics) when custom patterns for lve-stats-0.1-X present.


  • Temporarily disable notification.
  • Customize template using new format (recommended).
  • Use standard english template (old custom templates must be removed from /usr/share/lve/emails/ directory or renamed to nonexistent locales for example en_US_old).
  • The issue is fixed in lve-stats-2.3-1 (added reverse compatibility with old custom templates LVES-517).

      2. Possible problem with lvestats service automatic start when restarting CloudLinux 7.


  • If you have the following message in log: 

message='Can't detect LVE version; [Errno 2] No such file or directory: '/proc/lve/list''

Then restart service:

systemctl restart lvestats

  • The issue is fixed in lve-stats-2.3-x (LVES-492).

Important. When upgrading from production version (0.10-X  => 2.2-3), all statistics data do not migrate and being collected anew. Old statistics data are available in old database (for sqlite /var/lve/lveinfo.db).

For downgrade:

2.2-3 => 0.10-X run:

yum downgrade lve-stats

2.2-3 => 2.1-25.1 run:

yum downgrade lve-stats lvemanager --enablerepo=cloudlinux-updates-testing



  • LVES-543: fixed incorrect lveinfo working with --style=user option on PostgreSQL and MySQL;
  • LVES-542: fixed incorrect working with lvestats2.readonly config;
  • LVES-539: increase the version of the package alt-python27-MySQL-meta up to 1-2;
  • LVES-497: made param values for fields not case sensitive;
  • LVES-499: fixed values on an axis y for lve-stats charts;
  • LVES-490: cloudlinux-top without --json option;
  • LVES-402: fixed empty chart file generation if lvechart command has been executed with error;
  • LVES-476: optimized lvestats graphics generating;
  • LVES-461: made speed normalization workable;
  • LVES-477: added loading order for systemd unit file in CloudLinux 7;
  • LVES-481: fixed incorrect test for PostgreSQL database;
  • LVES-353: optimized lveinfo for "lveinfo --id=xxx" case;
  • LVES-417: added systemd unit file for CL7.

To update run the command:

yum update lve-stats --enablerepo=cloudlinux-updates-testing

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