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Beta: lve-stats2 updated

Beta: lve-stats2 updated

The new version of lve-stats2 is available for download from our updates-testing repository.

lve-stats2 2.4-3

Release notes:

  1. Added possibility to migrate data from lve-stats-0.x. User resource usage statistics is saved after update (migrating the latest 30 days, SQLite DB stable migration is provided). The process runs in the background and can last 2-8 hours (during this time lags are possible when admin is trying to check statistics, at the same time for users it will still work normally). LVES-357

  2. Workload peaks are displayed more accurate on the graphs. LVES-535

  3. MySQL resource usage information is displayed on user graphs (MySQL Governor must be enabled). LVES-535

  4. Added backward compatibility with the old lve-stats-0.x custom notification templates. It is recommended to arrange custom templates according to the new format (the templates are located in /usr/share/lve/emails/). LVES-517

  5. Improved security. Sensitive information (SQL queries, HTTP snapshots) is being saved locally and can be accessed only by its owner or the server administrator. LVES-511  

  6. Improved the accuracy of physical memory usage calculation (ResMEMCollector plugin which calculates pMem based on RES of processes must be activated). LVES-505

  7. Added DB structure check on install/start server.LVES-242.


  • LVES-401: fixed traceback while update lve-stats if non-supported db_type has been specified;
  • LVES-357: migration from v1 to v2 database;
  • LVES-509: dbgovchart works by default;
  • LVES-506: printing log messages for lvestats-server only once;
  • LVES-482: fixed incorrect detection of DB Governor in lvechart when user is not root;
  • LVES-492: handling the case when /proc/lve/list is not present correctly;
  • LVES-488: fixed subtitles text related to DB Governor in lvechart;
  • LVES-243: added "No Faults" message on Fault chart if no fault;
  • LVES-444: added logging info for DBSaverX60 plugin;
  • LVES-517: added backward compatibility with old stats notifier templates;
  • LVES-528: added migration script to drop snapshots table;
  • LVES-529: added migration script to add extra fields to incidents table;
  • LVES-511: working implementation of Snapshots being saved using filesystem;
  • LVES-543: fixed incorrect lveinfo behavior with --style=user option on PostgreSQL and MySQL;
  • LVES-542: fixed incorrect readonly config behavior with lvestats2;
  • LVES-523: added --order-by parameter for cl-top;
  • LVES-532: terminated PostgreSQL on CloudLinux 5 support;
  • LVES-512: history_gov table does not contain username, using UID instead;
  • LVES-525: integrate alembic to support database migration;
  • LVES-470: localization added for reseller notifications;
  • LVES-517: added backward compatibility with old stats notifier templates;
  • LVES-505: added plugin to use processes RES for PMEM;
  • LVES-565: fixed V1DBMigrator time out error;
  • LVES-564: fixed IntegrityError WARNING in SnapshotSaver;
  • LVES-563: automatically change "save_uid" option in the configuration file of DB Governor;
  • LVES-567: does not send StatsNotofier messages if lvestats restarted;
  • LVES-507: improved prospector rules. Iteration #1;
  • LVES-501: added get_corrected_list method to OutputFormatter;
  • LVES-494: unit tests were added to see that each entry in result
  • LVES-485: fixed incorrect database preparation for testing;
  • LVES-489: added idle support to utility;
  • LVES-374: removed exit on error when loading/parsing config file;
  • LVES-495: fix spelling error in STOPPED;
  • LVES-496: fixed wrong lock file path;
  • LVES-242: checking DB structure on install\start server;
  • LVES-410: optimized using the levels of access to the central database;
  • LVES-533: fixed incorrect detection of failed tests;
  • LVES-539: increased alt-python27-MySQL-meta version to >= 1-2.

To update:

yum update lve-stats --enablerepo=cloudlinux-updates-testing

To downgrade to the previous beta:

yum downgrade lve-stats --enablerepo=cloudlinux-updates-testing

To downgrade to the previous stable:

yum  downgrade lve-stats
Note. If lve-stats disabled after migrating data, then DB can be recreated by running the command:
lve-create-db --recreate
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