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OptimumCache updated

OptimumCache updated

New OptimumCache version is available for CloudLinux 6 from our production repository.

OptimumCache 0.3-4 (for CloudLinux 6 only)


  • tweaked the config options for more optimal ploop usage with intent to minimize ploop size;
  • improved resource management per code analyzer tool;
  • suppressed OpenVZ errors from startup script;
  • removed extra warnings on mark;
  • completely eliminated files filtered by MINSIZE, MAXSIZE from cache refill loop;
  • 'occtl --check' fixup is scheduled unconditionally on first upgrade;
  • displaying MAXSIZE, MINSIZE distribution in 'optimumcache stat' output.

To update run the command:

# yum update optimumcache

To install run the command:

# yum install optimumcache


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