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From Zero to Hero: NameHero shares their CloudLinux OS story

From Zero to Hero: NameHero shares their CloudLinux OS story

If you'd like to know how CloudLinux OS helps our customers, and how they actually use it, we hope you’ll get acquainted with a wonderful story of Ryan Gray, the CEO of NameHero. Ryan’s journey with CloudLinux began at one of Igor Seletskiy’s cPanel conference sessions where he found out about CloudLinux products and was stricken by our CEO’s approach to business.

Now, Ryan says that CloudLinux OS has become a huge part of NameHero’s success – over the last three years, his company provided hi-speed cloud web hosting services to more than 20,000 websites. With the use of CloudLinux OS, Ryan was able to efficiently load his shared and reseller nodes with 99.9% uptime. Ryan used MySQL Governor, CageFS, and PHP Selector tools to ensure his customers can focus on business objectives and not website security.

Ryan believes that the CloudLinux OS played a major role in his company’s success and strives to maintain his fruitful partnership with our company while we go all-out to do the same from our side.

Ryan is an expert in reseller hosting - take a look at his Reseller Hosting 101 course. He shared with us that he thinks the CloudLinux OS Reseller Limits option will become a perfect opportunity for businesses just like his to prosper and elicit more clients. Similarly to the majority of our customers, Ryan closely collaborates with CloudLinux and tests the software that we offer as soon as it is officially released.

Ultimately, Ryan stressed that the CloudLinux team and our services truly helped NameHero grow into a very successful organization in a short period of time. Our focus at CloudLinux has always been to help service providers deliver the most stable and secure Linux hosting services, and we are excited we can do it for NameHero.

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