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cPanel EasyApache package breaks Alt-PHP

cPanel EasyApache package breaks Alt-PHP

Please note that the latest ea-apache24-mod_suphp package from cPanel EasyApache 4 repository breaks Alt-PHP package ea-apache24-mod_suphp-0.7.2-21.21.1.cpanel.x86_64.

Due to the changes

  • EA-6833: added explicit etc/ and etc/php.d/ paths before CWD so we get ini merging behavior.

the packages provided by cPanel are setting wrong PHP_INI_SCAN_DIR, so Alt-PHP loads incorrect extensions.

The solution is to use packages from the CloudLinux EasyApache 4 repositories.

Please use the following documentation to migrate from CloudLinux repositories to EasyApache 4:

EasyApache 4 updated
Beta: Alt-Python updated


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