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cl-MySQL and cl-MariaDB updated

cl-MySQL and cl-MariaDB updated

Previously announced versions of MySQL and MariaDB for MySQL Governor are available from our production repository.


- Packages were updated up to versions:

  • MySQL 5.5.49-1
  • MySQL 5.6.30-1
  • MySQL 5.7.12-1
  • MariaDB 5.5.49-1
  • MariaDB 10.0.25-1
  • MariaDB 10.1.13-1

To update run the command:

# /usr/share/lve/dbgovernor/ --install
or just
# yum update

For installation on new server run:

# yum install governor-mysql
# /usr/share/lve/dbgovernor/ --install

dbgovernor-mysql 1.1-15

Governor 1.1-15 moved from updates-testing repository to production.

Changelog (since 1.1-10):

  • Uncommented path to PID file in service for CL7
  • Added reload-daemon for CL7 on update
  • Added creation of copy config file
  • Remove ulimit from service file
  • MYSQLG-108: Fix dbctl set command bug
  • MYSQLG-104: fix governor restart on CL7 under systemd
  • MYSQLG-98: Make /dev/shm/governor_bad_users_list unreadable for users
  • MYSQLG-103: fix dbctl list output for read and write limits
  • MYSQLG-97: Add support by governor MySQL 5.7
  • MYSQLG-105: cl-MySQL57-5.7.11-1 requirements are broken on CL6.i386
  • MYSQLG-95: --dbupdate does not work (conf parameter without "=")

To update:

$ yum update governor-mysql
$ service db_governor restart

To install:
$ yum install governor-mysql
$ /usr/share/lve/dbgovernor/ --install

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