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Bugfix release: OptimumCache 0.2-10

New version of OptimumCache 0.2-10 is available from our updates-testing repository. New OptimumCache is a bugfix release to address performance issues mainly that were detected on some deploys.

What is included in this release?

Fix for high CPU consumption issue

At some deploys, where number of inodes for mount point, that was added for caching, reached almost 2M, OptimumCache used to take 1 CPU core busy with 100% load, from time to time, with timeout of 5s between usage peaks.

How to check number of inodes:

# df -i /home
Filesystem Inodes IUsed IFree IUse% Mounted on
52148272 1995531 28089086 7% /

At the very start OptimumCache may once again splash with 100% CPU core consumption for a number of seconds. Though, very soon those splashes will become rare, due to adaptive timeout, which will adjust itself to server load.

High IO fix

Eliminates superflows fsync() calls in OptimumCache operations. To activate this fix in existing installation, flag NOIMMSYNC=1 has to be manually set in /etc/syscoconfig/optimumcache.

To ensure that this parameter is set ON in the config, set LOGLEVEL=2 and execute
KernelCare support for Debian 7 added
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