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Beta: LVE Manager updated

Beta: LVE Manager updated

New updated LVE Manager along with alt-php-config package are available from our updates-testing repository.


Release notes:

  • /etc/cl.selector/php.extensions.conflicts file was removed from LVE Manager package to enable making further changes in it with Alt-PHP updates.

  • Fixed CloudLinux plugins registering issue for cPanel 11.56 x3 theme.


  • LVEMAN-842: removed /etc/cl.selector/php.extensions.conflicts from lvemanager package;
  • LVEMAN-844: fixed plugin register issue for x3 theme using install_plugin tool.


Release notes:

  • Installing updated /etc/cl.selector/php.extensions.conflicts file while installing/updating Alt-PHP packages.


  • ALTPHP-158: added /etc/cl.selector/php.extensions.conflicts file.

To update run the command:

yum update lvemanager --enablerepo=cloudlinux-updates-testing


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