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Beta: CloudLinux 8 with 4.18 kernel is here

In these Christmas days, I’m very happy to announce that a new version of CloudLinux 8 with a 4.18 kernel has been released to our beta repository. Besides a lot of new features and opportunities, CloudLinux 8 brings a fresh way of managing CloudLinux-specific features. CloudLinux 8 follows the upstream (RHEL) 4.18 kernel mainline. All CloudL...
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Guest — Jesse
Any thoughts about the 4.18 kernel? I've been using it for some time now, initially my server showed no load averages in WHM.. onc... Read More
07.01.2020 21:33
Inessa Atmachian
Hi Jesse! Thanks for reaching out. loadavg issue was fixed in the kmod-lve 2.0-8 module for CloudLinux 7 hybrid and CloudLinux 8... Read More
08.01.2020 11:13
Guest — Jesse
I know... I am using 4.18.0-147.0.3... I'm saying that the "fix" that was put out with 4.18.0-147.0.3 seems to have "over" fixed i... Read More
08.01.2020 16:40
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