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MDS: We’re on the case

You may have heard the news about the latest Intel CPU vulnerability, MDS, or more popularly, Zombieload. We have too, and we're working on releases for CloudLinux OS 6 & 7. We'll release them to Beta today, Stable tomorrow. The vulnerability is similar to Meltdown and Spectre, in that it involves the exploitation of speculative execution featu...
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Guest — Jonathan
Will the patches be coming to CL kernel via kernelcare?
15.05.2019 17:24
Kateryna Obiidykhata
Hello Jonathan, the patches will be delivered as regular kernel update in beta version, today. Regarding the KernelCare patches f... Read More
15.05.2019 17:39
Hope this doesn't include another performance hit. At this rate, we'll need supercomputers to keep up with overhead of these patch... Read More
15.05.2019 19:26
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