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What can reseller control under Reseller Limits

What can reseller control under Reseller Limits

Reseller Limits feature now gives resellers more managing tools so they can control and manage their end users resource usage.

Reseller can control the following limits:

  • SPEED Limit allows to set CPU limit in terms of % of a single core, or as a fixed number of Hz.
  • PMEM Limit corresponds to the amount of memory actually used by end customer's processes.
  • IO Limits restrict the data throughput for the customer.
  • IOPS Limits restrict the total number of read/write operations per second.
  • EP Limit controls the number of entries into LVE.
  • NPROC Limit controls the total number of processes and threads within LVE.

Please help us to beta test and install this new feature on your servers!

Follow the link to find more information about Reseller Limits.
If you've missed the previous releases of the feature, please follow the links to check information on Beta releases:

Beta: LVE Manager updated
Alt-Ruby updated


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