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mod_hostinglimits updated

mod_hostinglimits updated

The new updated mod_hostinglimits (CloudLinux 6 and 7), ea-apache24-mod_hostinglimits (CloudLinux 6 and 7) and httpd24-mod_hostinglimits (CloudLinux 6 and 7) packages are available for download from our production repository.


mod_hostinglimits 1.0-36

ea-apache24-mod_hostinglimits 1.0-36

httpd24-mod_hostinglimits 1.0-36

  • removed RPATH.

For installation:

Follow the instructions on the link.

Then run:

$ yum update ea-apache24-mod_hostinglimits
$ service httpd restart

For update:

$ yum update ea-apache24-mod_hostinglimits
$ service httpd restart

RPM based

For install/update:

yum install mod_hostinglimits

http24 for CloudLinux 6 and 7

For install/update:

yum install httpd24-mod_hostinglimits
Alt-Ruby updated
Resellers now can see how much resources their use...


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