We are pleased to announce that the new updated ImunifyAV version 4.2 is now scheduled for gradual roll-out from our production repository and will be available for all customers in about two weeks or less.

If you want to upgrade to the new ImunifyAV version 4.2 right now, you can run the following commands:

wget bash

Current release info

Version: 4.2.7

Rolled out to: 5%

Last updated: August 8, 2019 11am EST


  • Added event hooks to process events asynchronously
  • Improved scanning engine and signatures
  • Enhanced ignore list for the system files / mailboxes
  • Introduced background scanning
  • Ignore list could be disabled in the user UI by admin (via config)
  • Improved/fixed UI translation
  • Reduced memory footprint
  • Fixed cleanup for recently removed files
  • Fixed scanning report with a list of threats
  • and more than 80 other fixes and improvements

The full change log is below.

How to install

To install the new ImunifyAV version 4.2, run the commands:

wget bash

To upgrade ImunifyAV on CentOS/CloudLinux systems, run the command:

yum update imunify-antivirus

+ Changelog


  • DEF-9022 Allow week and day for MALWARE_SCAN_SCHEDULE.interval in AV+
  • DEF-9352 Implement --intensity which is joint of --intensity-cpu and --intensity-io
  • DEF–6908 MALWARE_CLEANUP section not present in config show, so ui is broken for AV/AV+
  • DEF–7093 Do not quarantine mail
  • DEF–7703 Add system folders/files of ImunifyAV for Plesk into ignore list of Imunify360
  • DEF–7777 Bug report, around 1k emails are marked as infected
  • DEF–8144 Add hook management functionality steplyakov
  • DEF–7897 [Malware Scanner] Background/Scheduled Scanning - UI
  • DEF–6774 Fix/improve English version of i18n file and update others
  • DEF–7409 Investigate and fix route guards
  • DEF–8041 Old links in UI
  • DEF–8260 Review and apply new translations
  • DEF–7035 Fix language detection (detect dialects correctly)
  • DEF–8156 [Feature Request] Allow admin to disable ignore list at end user level
  • DEF–8480 Adjust intensity level and resource consumption while scanning with AI-BOLIT (nice / ionice) - UI part
  • DEF–7153 Fix “can not find translation key” errors
  • DEF–7282 modify end user UI for malware scanning
  • DEF–7872 Hide ImunifyAV item in reseller menu in WHM
  • DEF–8101 V/v malware ignore delete in Malware scanner
  • DEF–8146 Native hooks
  • DEF–6160 Expander with hideOnLoad=false should stay open for the same items
  • DEF–6478 Refresh separate lines in tables instead of pages
  • DEF–6706 Upgrade Angular Material to >=6.4.2 to fix accessibility issues with form components
  • DEF–6927 Use angular material overlay for news component in navigation.
  • DEF–7708 Cleanup after removing malicious field from malware on-demand list
  • DEF–7948 Imunify360 Cleanup File - Arbitrary File Overwrite
  • DEF–7953 [AI-Bolit] Do not load while running AI-BOLIT
  • DEF–8595 “malware malicious restore-from-backup” does not work
  • DEF–7230 The removed threats still are listed
  • DEF–7676 Add explicit dependency on clamav-data
  • DEF–7736 Show only latest scan threats in user list
  • DEF–7781 [IM360] - Cleaning the files in the interface does not work
  • DEF–7826 Scans failed due to issues with parsing ai-bolit report
  • DEF–7893 [Malware Scanner] Background/Scheduled Scanning
  • DEF–8014 Error: {“reason”:“Can not find translation”,“key”:“”}
  • DEF–8045 Fix upload to MRS
  • DEF–8058 [Errno 24] Too many open files
  • DEF–8059 Migration 120_scheduled_scan fails during RPM tests
  • DEF–8145 Plugin to execute hooks
  • DEF–8207 Recursive symlink does not break the scanner case fails
  • DEF–8398 Make ClamAV binary configurable
  • DEF–8428 AttributeError: ‘set’ object has no attribute ‘extend’
  • DEF–8442 Disable background scanning by default
  • DEF–8443 Cancel background scanning when settings are changed
  • DEF–8102 Add scan_id to malicious list output
  • DEF–6224 Memory and CPU usage / footprints while scanning malware in Imunify A/V
  • DEF–7301 No running process for ImunifyAV when it is not in use - EL7/systemd
  • DEF–7377 No running process for ImunifyAV when it is not in use - EL6/separate binary
  • DEF–5523 Malware Scanner newline character bypass
  • DEF–6952 Remove ossec service handling from imunify-antivirus init script
  • DEF–6605 Deploy-script with –uninstall flag should remove all ImunifyAV/Imunify360 requirements
  • DEF–6886 End-user configuration should be sent in SERVER_CONFIG message
  • DEF–6908 MALWARE_CLEANUP section not present in config show, so ui is broken for av/av+
  • DEF–7271 Create cPanel extension for Feature management
  • DEF–7273 Add ability to check if cPanel version is correct/supported, don’t support for version prior to 68.
  • DEF–7274 Add CLI to disable native feature management
  • DEF–7277 Run disable feature management to uninstall package extension on package uninstall
  • DEF–7279 PERL: Implement cPanel hook to send imunify360 settings from package/account to IM360
  • DEF–7280 Add event processing for events from cPanel hooks
  • DEF–7281 Support to multiple values for antivirus in features management
  • DEF–7283 if native feature management supported – don’t show default settings in proactive defence for admin
  • DEF–7320 Cover imunify360-firewall and imunify-antivirus packages conflicts with tests
  • DEF–7431 Do not disable ClamAV scan when hiding its results
  • DEF–7433 non-root “config show” should return root’s value if user hasn’t changed it yet
  • DEF–7436 Create schema for new commands
  • DEF–7437 Disable internal feature-management when native one is enabled
  • DEF–7440 Sometimes agent doesn’t stopped properly.
  • DEF–7489 Remove submit of FP/FN via email
  • DEF–7563 add rpm tests for handling cPanel events
  • DEF–7604 Send first PING message right away after connection to server is made
  • DEF–7612 JSONDecodeError: Expecting value: line 1 column 1 (char 0)
  • DEF–7623 Remove remaining CLI calls from tests
  • DEF–7682 Default configuration is not applied after feature-management native enable
  • DEF–7703 Add system folders/files of ImunifyAV for Plesk into ignore list of Imunify360
  • DEF–7714 Database vacuum during update is broken
  • DEF–7777 Bug report, around 1k emails are marked as infected.
  • DEF–7880 Add debug info about problems with “Already running instance of agent”
  • DEF–7881 Failed test_malware.test_user_list.test_infected (from pytest)
  • DEF–7908 prevent regression in memory consumption for imunify-antivirus
  • DEF–8017 TypeError: read_file() missing 1 required positional argument: ‘path’
  • DEF–8073 test teardown failure for test_migrations.test_noop_migration
  • DEF–8074 pytest complains about yaml.load() without Loader=…; possible security issue
  • DEF–8093 Not all files are detected by black hash filter
  • DEF–8098 Create multiconfiguration job to test ImunifyAV
  • DEF–8101 A/v malware ignore delete in Malware scanner
  • DEF–8144 Add hook management functionality
  • DEF–8146 Native hooks
  • DEF–8200 Record the time of last ‘full’ scan per user
  • DEF–8205 license_type is not available from UI
  • DEF–8209 Split HostingPanel code
  • DEF–8220 Remove KernelCare/HardenedPHP handling from CLN class
  • DEF–8225 OperationalError: too many SQL variables
  • DEF–8228 Quarantined file can’t be uploaded to MRS
  • DEF–8427 Fix looped cpanel hooks
  • DEF–8489 Remove messages class dependencies from
  • DEF–8499 inotify.new_account.Newly created account is automatically added to inotify.Inotify automatically starts watching newly created account
  • DEF–8516 Make RPC handlers registration explicit
  • DEF–8577 NameError: name ‘itertools’ is not defined
  • DEF–8601 Failure during provisioning on disabling Sentry reporting
  • DEF–7496 Multiple RPM test failures caused by MySQL service down (and WHMAPI failures)
  • DEF–7681 Message sometimes printed incorrectly in logs
  • DEF–7861 WHMAPIException: whmapi getpkginfo command failed: Failed to load package ?Cloud I?: No such file or directory
  • DEF–8023 Purge Heuristic scan
  • DEF–8352 KeyError: ‘url’
  • DEF–8361 RuntimeError: coroutine raised StopIteration
  • DEF-8687- imunify360 is scanning php session files too
  • DEF-8731 - Imunify360 service in cPanel service manager should be updated
  • DEF-8757 - Sentry tags are missing
  • DEF-8635 - there are imunify-service INFO messages in syslog
  • DEF-8768 - TypeError: Can't convert 'bytes' object to str implicitly
  • DEF-8838 - Add to release of agent 4.2.x ai-bolit 4.0.2-1
  • DEF-8904 - Fix upgrade_url for ImunifyAV
  • DEF-8928 - KeyError 'license_type'
  • DEF-8786 - Additional properties are not allowed ('errors' was unexpected)
  • DEF-8968 - Check schema validation
  • DEF-9084 - Disable native feature management in ImunifyAV/AV+
  • DEF-8639 - Investigate and fix agent response validation errors
  • DEF-9078 - Add to release of agent 4.2.x ai-bolit 4.0.3-1
  • DEF-9089 - Remove news from av-client side