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ImunifyAV helps you keep your websites free of malware

ImunifyAV helps you keep your websites free of malware

We are excited to let you know that ImunifyAV, our powerful new malware scanner, is now available in production.

Keeping malicious code out of your files is essential to protect your websites, be they based on PHP (such as WordPress, Joomla or Drupal), or built with classic, static HTML. ImunifyAV, the free malware scanner, thoroughly sweeps files and accurately identifies malicious code, notifying you of any issues on your websites.

Upgrade to ImunifyAV+, the premium version of our powerful malware scanner, for effective, one-click removal of malicious software and computer virus strains.

How to install

To install the new ImunifyAV version 3.8.5-11, please run the following commands:


How to upgrade

To upgrade ImunifyAV on CentOS/CloudLinux systems, please run the following command:

yum update imunify-antivirus

To upgrade ImunifyAV on Ubuntu systems, please run the following commands:

apt-get update
apt-get install --only-upgrade imunify-antivirus

+ Changelog

  • DEF-6616: fixed an issue with creating a temporary file in /var/imunify360/tmp/ during malware scanning;
  • DEF-6230: fixed too many SQL variables error when deleting malicious records;
  • DEF-6092: fixed FileNotFoundError in;
  • DEF-6564: fixed EULA in ImunifyAV;
  • DEF-6555: ImunifyAV - fixed user create/delete hooks for DirectAdmin;
  • fixed SQL too many variables error in malware user list;
  • DEF-6755: fixed ignore for malware_hashes in on-demand scan;
  • DEF-6541: disable ClamAV false-positives in ImunifyAV;
  • DEF-6607: invalidate i18n files cache with every new release;
  • DEF-6262: disable logging of whitelisted files by hash filter;
  • DEF-6539: on-demand malware scan start should wait until scan is started;
  • DEF-6550: fixed an error with previous scans;
  • DEF-6132: use alt-python35 linked with alt-sqlite;
  • ICPD-82: make job for starting all stages of test process for php_i360;
  • DEF-6550: fixed on_demand.symlinks RPM-test;
  • DEF-6627: fixture malware_sample called directly;
  • DEF-6242: fixed a features error;
  • DEF-6355: RPM-tests for on-demand queue and user list.
Alt-PHP updated
Beta: Alt-PHP updated


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