CloudLinux Tuned Profiles Stable Update

The tuned-profiles-cloudlinux package brings a range of kernel under-the-hood tunings to address high LA, iowait issues that were detected earlier on particular users deploys. The package also encloses OOM adjustments to prioritize the elimination of overrun php, lsphp, Phusion Passenger workers processes over other processes (e.g. ssh, a cron job).

The latest updates allowed the CloudLinux Team to fix issues with MariaDB by increasing pid_max value in kernel. Also, we improved large-partition servers performance (you can read more about it here).

Now, there are also CloudLinux profiles for CloudLinux 6 and CloudLinux 7. The tuned-profiles-cloudlinux package is now installed and activated by default after the installation of CloudLinux. By means of this package, the CloudLinux Team ultimately strives to provide their customers with the highest levels of CloudLinux performance. Please note that you should not have other custom profiles installed in order for the tuned-profiles-cloudlinux package to work properly.



To update run:

yum update tuned-profiles-cloudlinux