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Client PHP Selector for DirectAdmin—production release


We are really happy to announce that our valuable DirectAdmin users now can take all advantages of client PHP Selector, including ultimate flexibility and friendly user interface. Just update your LVE Manager to the latest 5.0.6-2 version.

To learn how to operate PHP Selector, please read this documentation article.

We’d be extremely grateful for any feedback! If you have any questions or comments, please email us at Адрес электронной почты защищен от спам-ботов. Для просмотра адреса в вашем браузере должен быть включен Javascript..

Update command

yum update lvemanager alt-python27-cllib lve-utils cagefs

Downgrade command

yum downgrade lvemanager alt-python27-cllib lve-utils cagefs



  • implemented new Python Selector
  • LVEMAN-1497: Automatically generate requirements file with extensions upon importing legacy apps Part II (Security fix. Cllib free)
  • WEB-1449: Implement new PHP Selector for DirectAdmin
  • WEB-1510: Load assets from images folder in DirectAdmin
  • WEB-1501: Add information about possible problems with pip packages
  • WEB-1207: Provide blocking of creating application when passenger is not installed
  • WEB-1439: Add select all versions on Wizard page in version lists (all Selectors)
  • WEB-1521: Template parse errors when try to open Python Selector
  • LVEMAN-1525 : Do not write empty python-selector.json if no python applications are found during import
  • WEB-1461: Create notification angular service for showing multiple notifications
  • WEB-1462: Layout new design according mockup for action notifications
  • LVEMAN-1505: Investigate "moved home dir" cases for Python/Node.js Selectors
  • LVEMAN-1528 : PHP Selector shows error in user's cPanel
  • WEB-1507: Implement displaying of Python Selector on the Dashboard and Wizard for DirectAdmin
  • LVEMAN-1538: cloudlinux-selector should not get info about domains of user for PHP interpreter
  • LVEMAN-1513 Wrong error message for permission denied
  • LVEMAN-1506: We should return Passenger status for PySelector like we already do for Node.js
  • LVEMAN-1521 : Traceback in python selector when disk quota exceeded
  • WEB-1503: Incorrect message for admin in php selector if no versions of alt-php were installed
  • LVEMAN-1446: Replace passenger doc URL in error message during python app creation. Part II
  • WEB-1514: Ignore auto_prepend_file and auto_append_file when get PHP ini defaults
  • LU-1312: Python application migration should work with small quota
  • LVEMAN-1512: Add deprecation warning to --help of selectorctl and stubs for some its commands
  • WEB-1482: Integration tests for python application migration script
  • WEB-1502: Hide python icon when it disabled in DirectAdmin
  • WEB-1493: Do not show error about sentry
  • WEB-1508: An error during changing parameters in new PHP Selector
  • LU-1305 Collect default version for Python Selector
  • LU-1324 Handle postmodifyacct_main for Python Selector
  • LU-1347 selectorctl update-interpreter should work with stopped Python apps
  • LU-1348 migration for the stopped python application should finish successfully or give readable message
  • WEB-1525: Develop PoC for universal integration non-panel version
  • LU-1346 : cloudlinux-selector import-applications should work correct for reseller users in DirectAdmin
  • WEB-1444: Implement current usage user page according mockup
  • WEB-1207: Provide blocking of creating application when passenger is not installed(part II)
  • LU-1309 fix traceback in CloudLinux Wizard during yum cache update
  • WEB-1522: Fix retrieving PHP info for user via cloudlinux-selector without sudo
  • WEB-1533: Minimize legacy application size for protractor tests
  • WEB-1531: Dashboard : page should automatically refresh after refreshing statistics
  • WEB-1536: Ignore and do not show parameter hidePythonApp from cloudlinux-config in web interface
  • WEB-1523: On Evolution theme LVE Manager does not show stats only on Safari
  • WEB-1513: New PHP Selector native version number showing
  • WEB-1434: list-reseller command don't work using API
  • LVEMAN-1546 DirectAdmin admins should not be added to root group when fs.proc_super_gid kernel parameter is not set (kernel -efault is 0)
  • LVEMAN-1549 Fix Traceback during importing Python application if missed
  • LVEMAN-1544 Handle domain unpark hook for cpanel


  • LVEMAN-1497 Automatically generate requirements file with extensions upon importing legacy apps
  • WEB-1515: Ignore not utf-8 characters in /etc/cl.selector/php.conf
  • LU-1334: Users were missing in LVE Manager Users tab
  • LU-1324: handle postmodifyacct_main for Python Selector


  • LVES-957 : charset in lve-stats2 notifications
  • LU-1318 Allow cloudlinux-wizard to set default Python version
  • LU-1310 Implement collecting statistic about Python Selector on DirectAdmin
  • WEB-1434: list-reseller command don't work using API
  • LU-1291 wizard should run {{cagefsctl --force-update}} after installation of packages selected by user
  • LU-1334: Users were missing in LVE Manager Users tab
  • LU-1335: Cldiag error {{check-cpanel-packages}} if users list is empty
  • LU-1317 cldiag should ignore/cut the space before/after the Package name


  • CAG-935: handle the case when php file is a symlink to path mounted to CageFS on server with cPanel EA4
  • CAG-929: Investigate cagefs package installation errors on new cPanel 80 install
  • CAG-887: CageFS should not fail when there is no free inodes on disk
  • WEB-1523: On Evolution theme LVE Manager does not show stats only on safari
  • CAG-914 : [|] fails to set extProcessor setting in LiteSpeed config file
  • CAG-916: set cagefs=yes in options.conf when installing CageFS on DirectAdmin server


  • LVES-957: charset in lve-stats2 notifications
Production release of our client Python Selector
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